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Verizon Call Assistant
Check Your Voicemail Online and More!
Call Assistant
Change the way you work and communicate with this FREE new phone feature from Verizon.
  • Be notified of incoming calls or Verizon Home Voice Mail messages with pop-up messages on your computer.
  • Play, replay, and save Verizon Home Voice Mail messages from your computer.
  • Keep a Caller ID log file of incoming calls to your Verizon home telephone line.
  • Keep lists of contacts using the handy Verizon Call Assistant Address Book that can synchronize with MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and most PDA’s.
* Subject to availability. Requires Caller ID and a compatible version of Verizon Home Voice Mail (both sold separately). The online voice mail access features of Verizon Call Assistant are not available in all areas. Not compatible with Macintosh® computers.
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