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Residential Checklist
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Follow these steps to prepare for a new area code at home. You may want to bookmark or print this page for future reference.
Step 1. Reprogram your equipment and services at home to include the new area code:
All speed dialing lists on all your outgoing lines (including extensions, cellular or mobile and fax machines)
Computer modems
Call Forwarding (including Ultra Forward, Select Forward)
Voice Mail or Messaging Systems (including Answer Call, Voice Mail Service, Pager Notification, Special Delivery, Mini Message Boards, Premium Message Boards, T-Mail Group Lists)
Call Block
Priority Call
Special Delivery Service on Answer Call
Security or alarm systems
Step 2. Check with your service providers to make sure that the following equipment can handle any new area codes, including:
ISDN equipment
Home Security System
Step 3. Give your new area code to all the people you deal with, including:
Relatives and friends
Service and childcare providers
Coworkers and business associates
Step 4. Designate your new area code on anything you print, including:
Insurance policies and legal documents
State Information
Business and Home Office Checklist
PBX Systems Checklist
Residential Checklist
Security System Checklist

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