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About DIRECTV® Service Installation

Congratulations on ordering DIRECTV, the #1 satellite TV service in the country! To make sure your installation goes smoothly, please review the information below and watch the installation video.


Get approval from your landlord or homeowners association using the Landlord Permission Form. Written permission is required for all renters or those in a homeowners association.


Someone 18 or older must be present. They’ll need to accept the Verizon Terms of Service.


Have your TVs ready to be connected. Move your TVs away from the wall and make sure there is a clear path for the installers to work.


Set aside enough time The entire installation can take up to 5 hours.


What is the difference between standard and custom installation?

Most DIRECTV equipment offers include standard professional installation from a highly trained installer who will:

  • Install your DIRECTV dish on your roof, balcony, or other outside location within 100 feet of your TV (as long as there is an unobstructed view to the southern sky)
  • Run up to 125 feet of cable from your dish to the receiver(s) and 25 feet of phone line
  • Connect your DIRECTV System to your previously connected equipment
  • Provide a 20-minute lesson on using your new equipment
  • Assist in activating your service

While our standard professional installation covers most DIRECTV system set-ups, some installations may require additional custom work that is not included with standard professional installation.

Please note that additional charges apply for custom installation. Custom installation includes, but is not limited to:



Do I need DIRECTV’s Internet Connection Kit?

  • Routing cables through more than 1 wall or fishing cables between walls
  • Installing additional receivers or routing system to more than 1 TV outlet
  • Connecting system to stereo and/or additional components
  • Enhancements to phone line
  • Dish mounting on pole or tripod
  • Additional equipment, cables

      If your installation requires custom work, the technician will ask you to sign a revised Custom Work Rate Sheet with the fixed rate prior to installation, and he will collect payment directly from you while he is still on-site. These charges will not appear on your DIRECTV bill.
    • If you ordered an HD DVR and Verizon’s HSI service, you will want the DIRECTV CINEMATM CONNECTION KIT so that the internet can be connected to your HD DVR in order to access all the great features such as DIRECTV On Demand, DIRECTV Everywhere, the DIRECTV iPad app, and more!



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Did you know?

Many equipment problems can be fixed in less than
5 minutes!

Make sure your equipment is plugged in and that the power is working in the rest of your house


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