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Getting started with Home Monitoring & Control

During the setup process, you'll create a network of "paired" Home Monitoring & Control devices that communicate wirelessly with the Gateway Device.

This means you can operate your devices and receive important information from them (such as energy usage and event activity) via your computer, smartphone, and FiOS TV.

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After your initial setup:
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Getting Started with Home Monitoring & Control

For detailed steps: Setting Up Your Home Control Devices pdf image

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Set up your Home Monitoring and Control Network

Visit the Home Monitoring and Control Web site on My Verizon to follow steps for activating your Gateway device (and optional Remote Control) and pairing your devices.


Before you begin:

  • Have your router and Gateway Device nearby when you begin the Setup Wizard, as you'll connect these two devices first.
  • Turn-off any active baby monitors, as baby monitors interrupt a Z-wave device's frequency and prevents successful communication between devices and the Gateway device.


Need help? Review device setup tips and troubleshooting help.





Install your devices

Use the device installation manuals to follow steps for installing each Home Monitoring and Control device. 





Once you use the Setup Wizard to set up and activate your Gateway Device and at least one device, you are ready to use your devices to monitor your home and its energy usage from your computer, smartphone or FiOS TV.  

Home Monitoring and Control service is provided by Verizon Online LLC.
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