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Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of web-based applications created by Google to help increase small business collaboration and productivity. Google Apps features several Web applications with functionalities similar to traditional office suites.

Google Apps are delivered through Google data centers and housed on Google's servers. These web-based applications let employees collaborate from anywhere with an Internet connection. They’ll have full access to their files online, across multiple platforms.


The Google Apps Suite:

  • Gmail for Business provides 25 GB of email and IM storage per user as well as a free personalized domain name. Because it lives in the Google Cloud, you can access your email anywhere you have an Internet connection. Get information about features, setup, migrating email, and more.
  • Google Calendar sends invites, manages RSVPs, and overlays multiple calendars to see when people are available. Calendars can be shared company-wide or with select co-workers. Get information about features, managing resources, and setting up your calendar.
  • Google Docs provides secure access to documents from just about anywhere you have an Internet connection. Supports popular formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf. Get information about uploading documents, troubleshooting, and other FAQs.
  • Google Sites centralizes documents in a secure location. Build collaborative sites faster with templates for workspaces, team sites, intranets, and more. Get information about transferring sites, monitoring usage, using templates, and more.
  • Google Video hosts and streams your videos. Video sharing makes important communications like internal training and corporate announcements more engaging and effective. Get information about sharing videos, storage quotas, troubleshooting, and more.

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