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Verizon home-based authentication for TV Everywhere *

Verizon is pleased to offer FiOS TV subscribers a new convenience made possible in partnership with select television channels.


To make it easier to access online content from these channels, Verizon may automatically verify your account, rather than requiring you to sign in with your My Verizon user name and password.


Here’s how it works – when you are connected to the Internet via your FiOS gateway, and you click Verizon FiOS in order to sign in to watch at the channel’s web site or mobile app, Verizon will attempt to automatically recognize that you are a FiOS TV subscriber and you won’t have to type in your user name and password. When the process is successful, you can proceed to watch the content, provided you are in a FiOS TV package that includes the channel.


Note that this feature does not grant access to any other web sites or mobile apps; just participating partner TV Everywhere content mentioned here that otherwise requires sign in.


What conditions will prevent this feature from working?
  • If you subscribe to Private Viewing, your FIOS TV service must not be viewable from any customer service or other public area. All Private Viewing customers who wish to enable PPV/VOD, must go to MY Business Portal to review, and accept the conditions for Private Use Only. If you do not already have a MyBusiness Portal Account, you must first register an account.
  • If you have televisions for your business in areas which are viewable by your customers (clients, patients, patrons) or the public you are not permitted to order or view Pay Per View (PPV) and subscriptions or fee-based Video On Demand.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet via your FiOS gateway, then you will need to sign in with your My Business Account if you are a business customer.
  • If you have TV Online parental controls applied to any sub accounts, will not qualify for this automatic step, and you will need to sign in with your My Business Account if you are a business customer.


Which partner TV channels support this?
At this time, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, TruTV, CNN/HLN, Adult Swim, and TCM support this feature. Check back soon for updates.


Can I access other web sites without signing in?
No, this feature only works for participating partner Television websites and mobile apps mentioned above.


I am not comfortable with this feature. How do I opt out?
Customers who have TV Online parental controls applied to any sub accounts in the household will not qualify for this automatic step. So you may create a sub account and apply TV Online parental controls to that sub account using the TV Online Parental Control tool (This tool is only available to the primary account holder).


*NOTE: Pay Per View (PPV) and subscription or fee-based Video On Demand (VOD) are not permitted for viewing in restaurants, bars, or customer service or public areas.


Verizon's partnership with DIRECTV® lets us offer you DIRECTV® service wherever FiOS TV is not yet available.

Get online support from the DIRECTV® support site.

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