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Developers, cloud architects, quality assurance pros, solutions architects. These are just some of the IT roles you could take at Verizon. Whether you’re charged with developing software, integrating systems or supporting hardware deployments, one of the greatest benefits of working on our IT team is that you’ll have the latest technologies in the industry available to you. Does your tech expertise lie with consumer and business product development? You can also check out our software engineering careers.

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Verizon ups the cool quotient. Meet the minds behind the innovative technology that makes our business run smoothly.

  • Marcin Jiminez

    Finding meaning in what you do.

    “Your job doesn’t just have to be another 9 to 5 job,” says Marcin Jiminez, a tech analyst. For Jiminez, career success includes an opportunity to give back, as he also teaches programming to students in his local community.

  • Verizon innovators rule NYC’s “Silicon Alley.”

    Watch out, West Coast: Two Verizon CIOs were added to the Tech Talent Pipeline board, part of Mayor de Blasio’s partnership to fuel the growth of innovation in NYC’s “Silicon Alley.”

  • Inside the Device Lab | Phone Testing | Verizon Wireless

    Taking you inside the device lab.

    Ever wonder what goes into preparing a smartphone, tablet or wireless gadget before it is allowed on the Verizon Wireless network? Here’s one thing: a lot of testing.

  • Verizon - Who We are

    16 IT patents and counting.

    Michelle Felt feels total freedom at Verizon to create innovative products with excellent user experience. One of her patents is for technology that merges social media and live TV.