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375 W. Trimble Road, San Jose, California 95131
  • An inside look at our San Jose office, the outdoor BBQ area and more.
    An inside look at our San Jose office, the outdoor BBQ area and more.
  • A look at downtown San Jose
    A look at downtown San Jose
  • Beautiful San Jose at dusk
    Beautiful San Jose at dusk

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our San Jose office is home to our product and new business team. Our employees continue to be inspired by the hi-tech enthusiasm that Silicon Valley offers. Employees in this office generally have professional background in science, technology, engineering and math. In true startup style, the office has open seating, floor-to-ceiling windows, collaborative spaces and recreational areas to inspire creativity and camaraderie.

What's nearby 

San Jose, CA
  • California’s Great America is a family-friendly theme park with thrill rides, water attractions, live entertainment and lots of food.
  • The North San Jose area is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Jose and has top-rated public and private schools.
  • If you’re looking for great nightlife, downtown San Jose has lots to choose from.

San Jose is served by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, Downtown Area Shuttle, Caltrain, Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) and AMTRAK.


  • Get your blood—and creative juices—flowing with a quick game of ping pong.
  • Have fun and get to know your coworkers with a game of bocce ball.
  • Make your lunch something special with an outdoor gourmet kitchen and fire pits.