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service members. 
We hire them.

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CEO Commitment to Military Hires

“As a leading global communications technology company, Verizon is always looking for strong leaders to help us stay competitive in the marketplace. With their superb training, discipline and experience supporting our country, our more than 10,000 veterans contribute their skills across our entire business to help us to be the best in the industry. As a US Navy veteran, many of the lessons learned helped shape me as a leader and I’m proud to stand with the thousands of Verizon employees who’ve served both our country and our company with integrity and honor.”

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Lowell McAdam
Lowell C. McAdam
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Best Employer for Veterans
Forbes Magazine
More than
veterans are now employees at Verizon
Military recruiting events
attended by Verizon in 2016

Why Verizon hires veterans

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This is why Verizon is so dedicated to hiring Veterans.

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