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We look to tomorrow every day. That’s why we’re committed to engaging the sharpest minds, empowering our team, and making a difference with what we do, what we create and how we impact people’s lives and communities. We equip our employees with valuable training and resources that help them make dreams come to life. There’s limitless creativity and opportunity to drive the next generation of technology. Discover the opportunities that await you.

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Whether it’s a leap from sales to marketing or relocation to a different country, we encourage our employees to design their own career paths. We guide our employees with training, leadership development and mentoring programs; but ultimately, they decide what happens next. After all, the most satisfying career is one that lets you uncover new possibilities.

Here are some Verizon employees who followed their passions and designed their own career paths. Click on the image to see their full career journey at Verizon.

Sales is a great place to start your career at Verizon. You learn a lot about new technologies and more importantly, customer needs. It’s this learning that took Jeff Mango from sales to VP of customer and business intelligence  -- a role focused on customer insights.

Diverse experiences and skills are rewarded at Verizon. Stacey Aaron’s experiences in sales, product development, marketing and operations represent a holistic understanding of the business and customer needs.

Rajesh Shah began his career at Verizon in information technology. Soon after, he went on to explore what product marketing has to offer. Today, his role combines both his technical talent and his eye for product innovation.

Monica Zuercher has been with Verizon for 14 years. In this time, she’s discovered different opportunities in sales, learning & development and marketing.

Variety is the key to career satisfaction. Susan Peluso’s 22-year journey at Verizon is a testament to that, given her roles in customer service, marketing, information technology and engineering.

Marni Walden represents one of the many strong female leaders at Verizon. Starting her career in sales, Walden quickly grew her career to operations, marketing, and product innovation and new businesses – a team she now leads.