Verizon: Investing in the State of Delaware

Originally known as the Diamond State Telephone Company, we have provided telecommunications service to Delaware citizens for over a century. Today, in addition to telephone service, we are a major provider of cable television, internet access and other hi-tech services in Delaware. Although our name and suite of services has changed over the years, our commitment to quality service and support of our communities is a constant.

Key Operational and Financial Statistics for Verizon Companies in DE

  • We own or manage 128 buildings or locations in Delaware
  • Verizon invested more than $94 M in plant and equipment in Delaware last year
  • We partner with nearly 100 Delaware vendors and suppliers
  • More than 700 employees work in Delaware
  • Nore than 2,800 Verizon shareowners live here
  • We made more than $628,000 in charitable and civic contributions in Delaware in 2013