Giving Back in Delaware

There's so much more to Verizon than data, broadband and wireless technologies. 

Our investment in the community reflects our commitment to progress in education, literacy and the spirit of volunteerism. And our foundation makes a positive difference by supporting and investing in the people and organizations striving to improve the quality of life in our communities - where our customers and employees live and work.

Below you'll find just a few examples of how we're working to reach our goals. Please also visit the Verizon Foundation to learn more.


Featured Events and Grants:


Verizon proudly supports cyber security education in DealwareCyber Security Awareness Month

Governor Markell has proclaimed October as Cyber Security Awareness Month in Delaware. Once again this year, Verizon is partnering with the Delaware Department of Technology and Information to provide Internet Safety presentations to 4th Graders throughout the State.

Verizon has provided support to the project with funding for giveaways and workbooks for the children, and, more important, with Verizon employees who have volunteered to go out into the schools and teach children how to be safe on the Internet and what it means to be a good “cyber-citizen." To learn more, please visit



Verizon Delaware 2014 Tools for Schools ProgramTools for Schools

As part of the 2014 Verizon Foundation Tools for Schools campaign, Verizon Delaware Dispatch Resource Center and other employees at 901 Tatnall Street in Wilmington donated over $1,200 in school supplies for Frederick Douglass Stubbs Elementary School. Donated supplies included, among other items, nearly 1,300 pencils, several hundred notebooks, boxes of crayons and pocket folders. Verizon's Tools for Schools champions Kevin Williams and Lisa Vanish delivered the bounty to the school late last month where school officials expressed their sincere appreciation for Verizon’s support.



Delaware Chief Security Officer Praises Verizon Partnership Delaware Chief Security Officer Praises Verizon Partnership

On March 26, 2014, the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs held a hearing on “Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships to Reduce Cyber Risks to Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure." Testifying at the hearing, Elayne Starkey, CISSP, Chief Security Officer for the State of Delaware's Department of Technology and Information, described Delaware's Cybersecurity Awareness Program and was effusive in her praise of Verizon regarding its commitment to Cybersecurity in the state.

In her testimony, she stated, "I'm so thankful to Verizon. Verizon's support of this program has been unwavering. We could not have done many of these initiatives without the financial support from the Verizon Foundation and the incredible volunteer support from Verizon employees as we go out into Delaware elementary schools and present on Internet Safety. We've reached 25,0000 fourth graders over the last seven years thanks to this wonderful partnership we have with Verizon."

Read the full testimony:



Verizon provided a $10,000 grant to the Christiana Care Health SystemChristiana Care Health System

Verizon provided a $10,000 grant to the Christiana Care Health System to support the implementation of a new a "Babycam" technology initiative and improve care for patients and families. 72 cameras will be deployed in Christiana's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Babycam technology helps lessen separation anxiety by providing parents and extended family "virtual visits" with their newborn. They will also facilitate the hospital's telemedicine programs used to support the educational and emotional needs of families, help families to attain the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to become the primary caregiver and promote earlier discharge of NICU babies.

To learn more about the great work they're doing, please visit



Verizon is proud to support the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul'sFamily Counseling Center of St. Paul's

The Verizon Foundation presented a $15,000 grant to the Family Counseling Center of St. Paul's, based in Wilmington, to help provide domestic violence counseling and mental health support for individuals, adults, families, and parent/caregivers. The organization will provide one-to-one and/or group bilingual, culturally competent domestic violence abuse intervention therapy and counseling.

To learn more about the great work they're doing, please visit

Pictured: (L to R) The Family Counseling Center's Rob McCreary, Executive Director; Sister Theresa Marie Elitz, Founder and Senior Counselor; Kathleen Seipel, Counselor & Director; Verizon's Shari Smith.



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Empowering Teachers and Students in the Classroom

A Verizon is working with more than 200 teachers in 24 schools to provide the training they need to more effectively integrate mobile technology in their classrooms. See how students are benefiting and thriving.



What is Global Citizenship?

Verizon is focused on using technology to solve critical social issues in sustainability, education, and healthcare. Through the support of our employees and our resources, we help address the needs of communities around the world.



Improving Healthcare for Women Through Verizon Technology


The Verizon Foundation has partnered with the Society for Women's Health Research to explore innovative approaches to using mobile health technology to advance women's health.



HopeLine: You Can Make a Difference


HopeLine from Verizon connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds and organizations nationwide and recycles no-longer-used phones to help protect the environment. [ Learn More ]



Recycling Rallies

To make recycling electronics a little easier, Verizon kicked-off a series of 13 recycling rallies in communities across the country in 2012. Verizon held 10 recycling rallies last year, and were collected more than 425,000 pounds of e-waste, all of which was kept out of landfills.



Digital Health Care Solutions

Verizon technology is helping advance patient-centered health care by connecting applications, machines, information, patients and healthcare professionals in their own environments.



Telling Amy's Story

This documentary chronicles the time leading up to the death of Amy Homan McGee, a former Verizon employee and a mother of two, who was shot and killed by her husband. Learn more.