Transforming Verizon Florida

Michelle A. Robinson

Thanks for visiting our Florida website. There's some great information here, and I invite you to take your time and learn about all Verizon has to offer you as a customer.

We want your business, and we are working hard to earn it... and to keep it. We know you have a choice for your phone, Internet and TV service, and we welcome competition. We know that competition raises the bar on all service providers. Competition keeps your costs reasonable and puts all kinds of new options within reach. And that's important to all of us - whether we're busy and working hard, or retired and enjoying our Florida lifestyle.

Here in the Tampa Bay region, we've transformed communications for you. Today, we're making fiber optic connections available right to the doorsteps of over one million households. No other Florida competitor can make that claim. Customers who choose Verizon FiOS have some of the fastest consumer Internet connections in the country... crystal clear phone calls... over 500 TV channels... and thousands of movies and shows on demand. And it's all backed by the power of more than 9,500 Verizon employees who live and work in the Tampa Bay region and throughout our great state

And to us, this is just the beginning. The communications connections we provide to homes and businesses in our region have limitless potential. They enable you to work from home at any time... to explore your dreams as an entrepreneur... to obtain education and health care services and more. In short, our communications networks help simplify your life and give you time to do the things that matter most.

So whether you choose Verizon FiOS... Verizon Wireless... traditional phone service from Verizon... or our state of the art Verizon business connections... you can count on them all to be reliable and affordable - and supported by great people who want your business. That's the legacy of Verizon in Florida - one we've honored for more than 80 years.

You've heard from me... now I'd like to hear from you. You can submit your feedback by clicking on the Contact Us section. We're open to your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again for visiting our Florida web.

Michelle A. Robinson
President - South Region