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As a leading technology provider, we continue to invest more than a half billion dollars each year in new technologies that bring the best video, Internet and telephone service to our customers in Massachusetts. [ Read More ]



Verizon Redefines TV Experience

Verizon intends to redefine customers’ TV viewing experience with the introduction of FiOS Quantum TV. The new service is available in North Texas now and will be rolled out in phases to other markets over the next few months. [ Learn More ]


Connecting with Customers In Unique Ways

How do you think you would communicate with Verizon customer service if you were deaf? For ten years, the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities has offered a direct video phone line for the deaf community. [ Learn More ]



In the Community

Verizon continues to focus on the quality of life for Massachusetts residents by investing in a wide range of programs that strengthen education, raise awareness of domestic violence, and improve health care through the use of technology. [ Learn more ]

Our core areas of focus include:

Health Care

Featured Events and Grants:

Lawrence High School 9th Graders will Soon Have Access to New After-School STEM Program, Supported by the Verizon Foundation

Lawrence High School: STEM Mentoring Program

The Verizon Foundation recently presented a $15,000 grant to support a new after-school STEM Mentoring Program for 9th grader students at Lawrence High School. [ Learn More ]

Pictured (L to R): Bob West, NECC laboratory technician/safety officer; Martha Leavitt, NECC director of campus operations, administration ,and finance; Stephanie Lee, Verizon regional director of government affairs; Lane Glenn, NECC president; Jean Poth, NECC vice president of Institutional Advancement; and Michael Fiato, Lawrence High School head master.



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