Verizon has a long history of supporting quality educational resources and programs. We focus on preparing children to be successful; enabling teachers, parents and caregivers to help children learn; and educating adults so they are prepared to achieve their goals and contribute to their communities.

We're using technology to prepare students for success in the 21st century. Our comprehensive solution leverages mobile technology, award-winning free digital content, and teacher training for schools and organizations; all focused on increasing student interest and achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In the section you'll discover just a few examples of our commitment to lifelong learning in Massachusetts.


Verizon Champions Innovative STEM Programs at 5 Massachusetts SchoolsVerizon Champions Innovative STEM Programs at 5 Massachusetts Schools

The Verizon Innovative Learning Grant program recognizes and supports promising initiatives to increase STEM learning and interest in K-12 schools. The Verizon Foundation awarded a total of $220,000 to eleven schools/districts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The winners are among 100 schools nationwide to receive grants to improve STEM education. Schools here in the Bay State include:

Boston International High School, Boston: Boston International High School and Newcomers Academy will use Verizon funds to build a STEM Innovation program that utilizes robotics and rapid prototyping technologies to empower students to innovate and create. The program will leverage existing programs at the school including the Exploring Computer Science class, Business Technology pathway, and collaborate with the Boston Private Industry Council to build capacity in STEM teaching and learning.

Dr. A. B. Consentino School, Haverill: Verizon funding will provide teachers with professional development as well as equip science classrooms at the Consentino School with the necessary science supplies and materials required to engage students with standards-based learning experiences from kindergarten through grade eight in the areas of earth & space sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.

John Breen School, Lawrence: As part of the Breen School plan, students will be offered science and technology enrichment in the earlier grades. The school day has been extended to offer kindergarten students enrichment in science, technology, art, theater and Spanish. Enrichment partner, Groundworks Lawrence, will provide pre-school and kindergarten students hands-on science learning experiences with an expert science teacher and enabling teachers and students to gain learning from their outdoor gardens right in South Lawrence.

Project Learn - Bartlett Community School, Lowell: The Bartlett Community School has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College to launch an after school program for students. Verizon funding will be used to enable professors from UMass Lowell’s computer science and engineering departments to offer a variety of STEM-focused enrichment opportunities for students including coding, robotics, and an engineering challenge.

Project Learn - Lowell High School Maker Space, Lowell: Lowell High School will use funds for the LHS Maker Space for adaptive technology work stations that will provide engaging project-based STEM learning to 900 freshmen students each year. LHS Maker Space will be outfitted with 30 work stations with 3D Touch Stylus, Design Software and 3D printers to generate prototypes of scientific models. This technology will enable 9th grade biology students to construct DNA models, and develop and use these models to illustrate hierarchical organization.



The Verizon Innovative App Challenge

The Verizon Innovative App Challenge and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is helping Verizon to encourage students nationwide to organize their teams and submit their cool app ideas. Absolutely no coding or technology skills are necessary to win. [ Learn More ]


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Verizon Supports Girls in STEM

Women are hugely outnumbered in engineering and computing jobs. In fact, women make up half of the U.S. workforce, but hold just 25% of the jobs in technical or computing fields. As a technology company, we recognize the enormous contributions women make in STEM fields, and the importance of encouraging of love of science, technology, engineering and math, at an early age. [ Learn More ]



Empowering Teachers and Students in the Classroom

A Verizon is working with more than 200 teachers in 24 schools to provide the training they need to more effectively integrate mobile technology in their classrooms. See how students are benefiting and thriving.



Powerful Answers - TinyTap

TinyTap - A growing social platform where children, parents, schools and special needs teachers can easily create and share educational games that can be tailored to suit a child’s unique learning needs.