At Verizon, we forge innovative, technology-based partnerships to address disparities in healthcare, and improve quality and access for those disproportionately affected by chronic disease. We also support programs that focus on domestic violence prevention and victim relief.

We're working hard to bring these efforts into the mainstream and leverage what we do best, right here in the Bay State.



Featured Grants and Events


Verizon proudly supports Girls Incorporated of Greater LowellGirls Inc.

The Verizon Foundation presented a $5,000 grant to Girls Incorporated of Greater Lowell to help educate girls and young women on making safe and healthy choices. Verizon's Stephanie Lee (Left) presented the check to Tracy Ingersoll, Maritza Grooms, and Jennifer Demers of Girls Inc.



Massachusetts Resident Lillian O’Donnell Honored as HopeLine Hero

Verizon Wireless recently presented Massachusetts resident Lillian O’Donnell with a HopeLine Hero Award to recognize her dedication to eradicating domestic abuse within the local community. The HopeLine Hero Award honors members of the community who have gone above and beyond to support domestic violence awareness and prevention.

Lillian, a parishioner of the Immaculate Conception Parish Church in Malden, says that the 2014 Lenten Season marks her 12th year collecting phones for the HopeLine from Verizon program within her parish.
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Powerful Answers Awards

On Jan. 8, 2014, Verizon announced the five Powerful Answers Award winners in the healthcare category.

The winners in the healthcare category address a variety of issues, including allowing healthcare providers to visualize the network of care around patients; how to identify and treat diseases early through a combination of big data, biotechnology and telemedicine; and a solution that monitors patients on the anticoagulation therapy warfarin. Other winners focus on how to address hearing loss in developing countries with better screening techniques and an app that does portable vision examinations in a low-cost, non-invasive manner.
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Verizon teams up with Patriots to promote health and wellness for children  

Verizon Teams Up with New England Patriots to Promote Health and Wellness for Children

New England Patriots players teamed up with Verizon to visit students at the Elm Street School in Walpole, Mass to promote health and wellness as part of the NFL Play 60 challenge. Verizon executive Allison Cole was joined by Patriots players Matthew Slater, Danny Amendola, Ryan Allen, Ryan Mallett, Devin McCourty, and Duron Harmon, and Patriots Charitable Foundation Director of Community Affairs Andre Tippett. Patriots Chairman Robert Kraft also participated in the event.

The NFL Play 60 event was one of several sponsored by Verizon in partnership with the NFL. Similar events were held at NFL Play 60 Super Schools in Baltimore, New York, and Washington, D.C. The events, designed to help address childhood obesity, encourage youths to stay healthy by staying in school, eating right, and getting at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. Verizon and the Patriots presented a $10,000 youth health and wellness grant to the school. The schools were chosen based on wellness essays submitted by students. Some 3,200 schools registered for this year’s program, now in its fourth year. Click here for a photo gallery of the event.



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HopeLine: You Can Make a Difference

HopeLine from Verizon connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds and organizations nationwide and recycles no-longer-used phones to help protect the environment. [ Learn More ]



Connecting with Customers In Unique Ways

How do you think you would communicate with Verizon customer service if you were deaf? For ten years, the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities has offered a direct video phone line for the deaf community. [ Learn More ]



Helping Deaf Senior Citizens Stay Connected

Inside the doors the New England Homes for the Deaf, you can find some of the most caring and inspirational people you'll ever meet. It is the only facility in the Northeast that takes care senior citizens that are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. Residents rely on video phones for staying connected with loved ones, and the caring staff utilizes video phone and Internet connected devices day and night.



Helping Katie Hear What She Can't See

Katie Crocker is legally blind, loves working on the radio, and has a passion for movies. Her solution is Descriptive Video Service (DVS) which Verizon introduced to FiOS TV in 2013. With DVS, the viewer hears a narrator describing key visual elements in a program -- actions, costumes, gestures, and scene changes -- verbally adding color, nuance and detail that a blind or visually impaired viewer would ordinarily miss. [ Learn More ]



Smart Vision Labs - Powerful Answers

Smart Vision Labs - The winner of the Pwowerful Answers Awards top prize in the healthcare category, Smart Vision Labs developed a portable vision examination device that, with a single snapshot, measures refractive errors of the eye and generates prescriptions – all without patient interaction. The pocket-sized and low cost Smart Aberrometer uses a smartphone’s flashlight and camera, combined with an add-on microlens array, to improve the way people get their vision evaluated.



Converged Health Management

Verizon is addressing yet another critical issue faced by the U.S. healthcare system, with Converged Health Management, a remote patient-monitoring medical platform designed to help clinicians and patients manage their health in between doctor visits. [ Learn More ]



Using Technology to Improve Healthcare for Women

The Verizon Foundation has partnered with the Society for Women's Health Research to test technology that makes it easier to improve healthcare for women and make sure technology reaches those who need it most.



Providing Strong Solutions in Health Care

With Americans spending more than $2.6 trillion on health care each year, and with many in rural and urban areas finding it difficult to access quality health care, the Verizon Foundation believes next-generation technologies - put in the hands of innovative partners - can help address these challenges.



Verizon and Digital Health Care Solutions

Verizon technology is helping advance patient-centered health care by connecting applications, machines, information, patients and healthcare professionals in their own environments.