At Verizon Maryland, we want our customers to be connected through our advanced technologies without a lot of hassle and confusion.

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New Phishing Scam Targets Verizon Online Customers

An Internet scam is claiming that Verizon customers have been given a large discount and attempts to lure customers to a fraudulent website to input personal information and/or download virus-infected programs.

To view samples of these fraudulent e-mails, visit

Verizon will never ask for personal or account information by email.

If you receive an email similar to the one below (the content may vary slightly), you should DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Anyone who has experienced suspicious activities like this should call Verizon’s 24 x 7 Security Control Center at 1-800-997-3287.

Respond to the email in any way
Click any links
Open any attachments
Provide any data to any websites mentioned



Be Prepared for Bad Weather

The Red Cross, FEMA and Verizon Stress the Importance of Disaster Preparedness and having an emergency communications plan in place.

Emergency Preparedness Tips and Verizon Service FAQs

Verizon Wireless Emergency Information Center

Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Replacing Your FiOS Back Up Battery


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Wireless Workshops

Attend a free Wireless Workshop online or in a store to learn everything you need to know about your device.

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