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Verizon has a long history of using its technology and financial resources to educate people about abuse, the steps needed for prevention, and assisting those who are trapped in abusive relationships to get help and restore their lives.

In 2013, the Verizon Foundation is proud to recognize 42 nonprofits across New England with $335,000 in grants. The Verizon Foundation New England Domestic Violence Solutions Awards supports health and wellness of families affected by domestic violence; provides training to first responders/health care professionals to safely screen for domestic violence; engages men to take action to prevent domestic violence; educates teens on healthy relationships; and provides workforce development and entrepreneurship training for survivors. Award winners include:


Boston Medical Center, Boston - $7,500

The Child Witness to Violence Project (CWVP) at Boston Medical Center (BMC) is a nationally recognized program that provides advocacy, therapeutic intervention, and outreach to battered women and their young children (birth to age eight). The majority of referrals are for domestic violence, serving a highly diverse population and specializing in culturally sensitive services delivered by bilingual/bicultural therapists. CWVP provides advocacy and supportive counseling; evidence-based psychotherapeutic intervention to mother and child; and outreach to health care professionals across BMC and its affiliated community health centers. [ Learn More ]

Elizabeth Freeman Center, Pittsfield - $10,000

Elizabeth Freeman Center’s Berkshire Violence Prevention Program partners with schools and youth clubs to provide violence prevention programming with for youth ages 11-19. They offer workshops focused on healthy relationships, violence prevention workshops and age appropriate sex education. In addition, they engage youth in group activities that promote youth leadership to take action to stop violence and bullying both in person and online. The goal of the program is to increase youth knowledge of relational violence and healthy relationships, and promote a shared sense of responsibility for ending violence and bullying. [ Learn More ]

Elizabeth Stone House, Jamaica Plain - $10,000

Path to Self-Sufficiency (P2SS) for domestic violence survivors was launched to help DV victims move closer to financial stability through the pursuit of education and job training. Through Verizon funding clients will address the risk factors, including domestic violence, that contribute to their financial instability; improve their personal financial management skills; and begin the education they need to achieve financial stability. The long-term goal of P2SS is personal and financial stability as demonstrated by two years of stable housing and a job with benefits and advancement opportunities. The program is on track to exceed three metrics including total enrollment, creating a personal or family budget, and enrolling in education or finding employment. [ Learn More ]

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project, Cambridge - $10,000

Verizon funding will support the Engaging GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer) Men program which motivates men in the GLBTQ community to respond to domestic violence. The program employs multiple strategies to educate GLBTQ men about domestic violence and increase their awareness of the role they can play in responding to it and provide opportunities for them to take action. Program goals are to empower men to speak out against domestic violence, act as influencers of other men and provide awareness/resources to the community. [ Learn More ]

HarborCOV, Chelsea - $10,000

HarborCOV’s Community Education Support Initiative (CESI) addresses the specific issues that low-income survivors of domestic violence face in our communities and the barriers they must overcome in order to achieve economic viability. Through the program, HarborCOV clients are enrolled in classes at Bunker Hill Community College while they are actively participating in case management, monthly peer- support meetings, and workshops related to their economic development, career exploration, and job readiness goals. The goal is for survivors of domestic violence to attain post-secondary education and work towards creating a sustainable income. [ Learn More ]

Independence House, Hyannis - $10,000

Indepence House’s Nicholas G. Xiarhos Respectful Youth Relationships Program educates young people about dating violence while promoting healthy relationships. The program is modeled after the highly successful Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, which originated at Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society. Independence House will establish training groups for 50 Peer Leaders at Barnstable High School and Dennis-Yarmouth High School. The training examines gender norms and stereotypes. It promotes the development of healthy relationships by addressing teen dating violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. [ Learn More ]

Jane Doe Inc., Boston - $10,000

Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) is embarking on a strategic planning process to develop capacity for Massachusetts' statewide domestic and sexual violence prevention and response. JDI will determine the best current thinking, subject matter expertise, best practices and leadership roles and practices of state coalitions and local domestic violence and sexual assault programs that provide support and services for victims as well as leadership in their communities. They are engaging involvement of JDI's 57 local domestic violence and sexual assault programs to determine the needs of local programs, their communities, key partners and professionals (including law enforcement, health care, cultural communities, criminal justice, employers, federal and state government partners and more) in order to glean key priorities for JDI focus. [ Learn More ]

Katie Brown Education Program, Fall River - $10,000

Katie Brown Education Program (KBEP) provides teens with relationship violence prevention instruction, educates young men to recognize and prevent violent behaviors in relationships, and delivers up-to-date prevention instruction on cyber-bullying issues. KBEP's discussion and activity-based program encourages active learning through age-appropriate curricula delivered in school and in out of school settings including YMCA, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, group homes, RAPPP [Responsible Attitudes toward Pregnancy, Parenting, & Prevention] programs (MA), and in GED Programs. The program also responds to an important community need by developing correctional facility and re-entry programs for the Bristol County (MA) Sheriff's Office and Rhode Island's Adult Correctional Institute. [ Learn More ]

New England Learning Center for Women in Transition, Greenfield - $10,000

New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) will enhance its prevention strategy through engaging men to prevent domestic violence at home and in other social situations through the Children's Visitation Program (FFCVP). FFCVP offers children the opportunity to build relationships with their non-custodial parents in a safe, child-friendly, environment. The program is offered to male parents and their children, and includes group education and discussion circles. The goal of the program is to prevent domestic and sexual assault by incorporating prevention into families, youth and the community. [ Learn More ]

REACH, Waltham - $10,000

REACH’s Peers Against ViolencE (PAVE) program prevents dating violence among teenagers by educating them about healthy relationships and bystander intervention. The program involves classroom education, peer leadership, faculty/parent trainings, and support groups for girls at risk. The program incorporates technology and its implications into its conversations, including hacking phones, demanding passwords, and other abusive behaviors. They also discuss how to use technology to diffuse a situation, such as texting an adult for help. [ Learn More ]

Safe Passage, Northampton - $10,000

The Safe Passage “Say Something” Prevention program will build a community engagement initiative based in national best practices and research on engaging men and women in an effort to end violence against women. The prevention initiative is designed for maximum community engagement, and is focused on building safe and peaceful ways to express masculinity and to help people take action to end domestic violence. “Say Something” provides information and tools to the community, with a goal to build engagement within the community regarding how everybody can play an active role in prevention. [ Learn More ]

Self Esteem Boston Educational Institute, Boston - $5,000

Self-Esteem Boston will deliver its new Self Esteem wellness program to survivors of domestic violence at several community health centers including East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, North End Waterfront Community Health Center, and Neponset Health Center. Each center will refer women clients and their families to the program; translate the curriculum into the language predominantly used in the service area; and provide program delivery space. The curriculum covers a variety of self-esteem building topics including self acceptance, communication/assertiveness skills, identifying goals, building support, staying motivated and celebrating accomplishments, and helps participants develop a plan to rebuild their lives and achieve their goals. This wellness program provides new opportunity for families impacted by domestic violence and expands ongoing services/support at community health center sites. [ Learn More ]

Southeast Regional Network, Plymouth - $10,000

Southeast Regional Network’s Unlocking the Key: Health & Wellness program helps survivors of domestic violence and their children, who often suffer from increased stress, anxiety, depression, trauma & low self-esteem, deal with the psychological issues and trauma that result from abuse. The program utilizes the Empowerment Model, which was a main impetuous to recognition of domestic violence as a societal problem, to encourage survivors to recognize and develop their own strengths and abilities. The goal of the program is to rebuild self-esteem, and end the cycle of violence by dealing with the issues that result from domestic abuse.

Womanshelter/Compañeras, Holyoke - $10,000

Womenshelter/Compañeras (W/C) is collaborating with the local police departments and Westover Air Force Base to offer workshops on domestic and sexual abuse for law enforcement and military personnel. W/C has been working to enhance relations with local police departments and this conference enables them to provide more intense and expansive exposure to the issue, and to ensure a safe environment where law enforcement representatives can speak candidly about the issue. The primary goal of the program is to increase awareness for law enforcement officers and increase the capacity of police officers within W/C's service area that are prepared to respond effectively to domestic violence calls. [ Learn More ]

YWCA of Central Massachusetts, Worcester - $10,000

The YWCA of Central Massachusetts will launch a pilot program that educates first responders to safely screen for domestic violence, and provides training and certification on domestic violence dangerousness and lethality assessment tools. It also teaches methods on working directly with victims of domestic violence to better understand their individual risks and plan for safety. In addition, the YWCA will create and introduce a new set of protocols that changes the response of the first responder from "inactive" (current practice), where referrals are given only to the victim, to "active" whereby the first responder directly connects the victim with a service provider in all cases deemed high risk by the assessment. [ Learn More ]

YWCA of Greater Lawrence, Lawrence - $5,000

The YWCA Domestic Violence Training for Health Care Professionals project provides education and training for health care professionals and first responders on domestic violence issues to ensure appropriate services are offered to patients who present evidence of victimization. The YWCA will offer training to the health care professional community on a variety of topics including: Domestic Violence 101; Screening for Intimate Partner Violence in Medical/Clinic Settings; Domestic Violence as a Public Health Issue; Health Care System Responses to Children Exposed to Domestic Violence; Teen Dating Violence; and Legal & Immigration issues related to domestic violence to name a few. The trainings will be offered on a monthly basis through the YWCA in partnership with Lawrence General Hospital. [ Learn More ]


Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Hartford - $10,000

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) will partner with Community Health Centers (CHC) to implement an intimate partner violence evidence based screening tool to train CHC clinical staff at 13 locations across the state to identify domestic violence within their patient population. CCADV will consult with CHC's clinical champions on strategies to improve effective screening. New provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allow abused women, children and teens to have access to services that would treat their abuse and health conditions before they worsen. The goal is to integrate domestic violence abuse prevention into Connecticut's community-based health clinics as screening and prevention is now considered a primary prevention or early intervention service. [ Learn More ]

Safe Futures, New London - $10,000

Safe Futures will offer a Healthy Relationships/Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program to middle and high school students in New London County. The Program combines "Love is Not Abuse" and "Safe Dates: An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention" curricula with the overall goals of empowering students to set clear boundaries, communicate their needs, and expect respect in a relationship. Lessons include role-playing whether to stay or leave an abusive relationship; looking at how movies, media, and song lyrics shape perceptions of violence and gender stereotypes; discussing the difference between romantic and obsessive love; defining sexual assault and sexual harassment; and understanding the different forms that dating abuse can take. Students will learn strategies to prevent violence; while shifting perceptions about their roles in preventing violence. [ Learn More ]

Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, Waterbury - $10,000

Safe Haven will implement its Men Can Make a Difference Campaign to teach men in the greater Waterbury area the effectiveness of bystander intervention. The program will offer training for young men at local colleges or high schools to help them identify multiple interventions that can prevent violence against women. These interventions may not only stop immediate harm but also will plant the seeds for changes in attitude and behavior. The program also focuses on the consequences of violent acts on the offender, which may result in arrest, expulsion or some other penalty. The program will impress that two lives or more can be affected or ruined by violent or abusive actions. [ Learn More ]

The Network Against Domestic Abuse of North Central CT Inc., Enfield - $10,000

The Network Against Domestic Abuse in North Central CT Inc., will support a family violence advocate program. The program will be the primary resource in north central Connecticut for violence prevention education and services; will strengthen and develop core services for women and children in the shelter system; and increase organizational capacity to sustain and grow the Network. The Network intends to strengthen its program to ensure that it is prepared to meet emerging needs of the community, and take advantage of new opportunities to better serve survivors and prevent domestic abuse. [ Learn More ]

YWCA of Greenwich, Greenwich - $10,000

YWCA of Greenwich’s YNET program provides young people with an important avenue for leadership. The program trains high school volunteers to educate Greenwich High School students about dating violence. The students will design, implement and evaluate the leadership/social change component of the program with the support of the adult advisors. The project will engage 50 students in grades 9-12 with a plan to educate more than 2,700 fellow students through on-going social change campaigns, monthly public awareness activities and weekly classroom presentations. [ Learn More ]


Family Crisis Services, Portland - $7,500

Family Crisis Services will engage men in ending domestic violence against women by providing the Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) training to coaches and athletes in middle schools and high schools. Through the program, not only are young men receiving the message, but coaches are learning through the discussions as well. Family Crisis Services also will be active leaders in the national CBIM community by sharing new materials, refining strategic plans, and acting as a consultant for organizations looking to use the CBIM curriculum. [ Learn More ]

Family Violence Project, Augusta - $5,000

Family Violence Project is implementing a program that helps families affected by domestic abuse living in the shelter program rebuild relationships with each other by supporting children's life skills, and by promoting family friendly activities such as cooking, reading, and structured playtime. This program is critical to strengthening the victim’s relationship with their children. The program is an excellent model that promotes the overall well-being of sheltered families. [ Learn More ]

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, Augusta - $10,000

The Engaging Men and Boys Prevention Outreach Project will reach out to young men in middle and high schools to increase the number of men and boys involved in the work to end relationship violence against women and girls. The project will insure youth awareness of resources for those seeking help as a victim of dating violence and/or who have been exposed to domestic violence in their families. [ Learn More ]

Safe Voices, Auburn - $5,000

Safe Voices’ rural healthcare outreach program will provide information to healthcare professionals and first responders in rural areas with information on domestic violence and available services to residents through their healthcare providers. The program includes training for staff on domestic violence screening, distribution of informational materials, policy consultation, and on-site advocacy. Healthcare providers will also receive packets with informational materials including brochures, posters, and stickers. The goal is to work with healthcare providers to raise awareness, improve screening and connect patients to domestic and sexual violence resources as needed. [ Learn More ]

New Hampshire

Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support, Nashua - $5,000

Bridges provides in-house education and information to all shelter residents to be able to identify the cycle of violence and learn ways to break that cycle. The goal is to stop the violence not only for the existing family but also for future generations, and to provide appropriate referrals to other community agencies and service providers as needed. The shelter advocate teaches victims about warning signs, the cycle of abuse, and acts as a support group to improve self-esteem. Shelter advocates offer education and support on many topics including finances, parenting, safety planning, effective communication, boundaries, self-esteem, substance abuse, employment and self-sufficiency. [ Learn More ]

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, Keene - $7,500

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention’s Teen Dating Violence Prevention/NO MORE Campaign will reach more than 60 students and teachers to raise awareness on domestic violence, teen dating violence and healthy relationships. They will deliver curriculum with components on Digital Dating, provide resources to students on where they can find support online and inform them about Love is Respect's online chat and text service for teens not feeling comfortable calling a hotline. A recent group of at-risk youth were asked who they would most likely talk to if they were struggling with an unhealthy relationship, 18 out of 21 teens said their friend over a sibling, parent or other adult or an advocate. This emphasizes the need to ensure all teens know the warning signs of dating violence and how to support their friends in need. [ Learn More ]

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Concord - $10,000

The New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence will continue its trauma specialist program. They work with member programs to provide trauma-informed consultation to advocates working with victims. Advocates receive training on trauma-informed advocacy and how to address victims' substance use and mental health issues. The program develops and maintains a cohort of advocates who will receive peer support to embed the trauma-informed approach and victim-centered philosophy at each participating program. The goal is to increase knowledge, skills and confidence to ultimately improve the victims’ health and wellness. [ Learn More ]

Seacoast Task Force on Family Violence, Portsmouth - $5,000

Seacoast Task Force on Family Violence will implement Safe Dates - An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum to educate young adults on healthy relationships and dating violence prevention. The program will be delivered students to 48 cities and towns in both Rockingham and Stafford Counties with the goal of raising awareness of safe dating and violence prevention.

Rhode Island

Day One, Providence - $7,500

Day One’s group therapy program for care givers of sexual assault victims is focused on providing comprehensive individual therapy program for non-offending care takers of child victims. When children are sexually abused, this experience has a great effect on the entire family. Group counseling provides members with the opportunity to receive and give help or feedback to their peers, and helps them recognize that they are not alone in their concerns. These services will not only help the parents cope with the situation, but also provides much needed support to their children, while allowing the child to heal. [ Learn More ]

Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, Wakefield - $5,000

The Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County's (DVRCSC) Engaging Male Coaches in Preventing Violence program will train and support male coaches to work in schools on ways to provide positive role modeling of healthy masculinity and how to prevent violence among young men and boys. The coaches, who are trained with curriculum developed by A Call to Men, are well positioned to incorporate positive messages about violence prevention and healthy masculinity. The program also engages a male program facilitator who will be able to easily connect with the audience and will work with an education advocate, who works closely with students, teachers and administrators in the schools. The goal is to reduce incidences of bullying and violence in our schools. [ Learn More ]

East Providence Prevention Council, East Providence - $5,000

The East Providence Prevention Council’s Townie Leadership Academy (TLA) addresses teen dating violence and uses the Mentors In Violence Prevention Program (MVP) curriculum. The MVP program is a gender violence, bullying, and school violence prevention approach that encourages young men and women to take on leadership roles in their schools and communities. The training is focused on an innovative "bystander" model that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate. In this model, a "bystander" is defined as a family member, friend, classmate, teammate, coworker-- anyone who is embedded in a family, school, social, or professional relationship with someone who might in some way be abusive, or experiencing abuse.

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Providence - $10,000

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Ten Men Project trains and cultivates male leaders to engage other men in the work to prevent domestic violence. The project's primary goal is to increase the number of men in Rhode Island who publicly challenge traditional gender norms and speak out against domestic violence. The project includes outreach and recruitment to retain 10 new male participants annually; five trainings per year for the target population; ongoing technical assistance to enable the men to effectively complete their personal goals; and the creation of public awareness opportunities for the Ten Men participants. [ Learn More ]

Sojourner House, Providence - $5,000

Sojourner House’s Young Voices program will train up to 180 youth to become healthy-relationships trendsetters in Providence area high schools. The training developed with support from Futures Without Violence, a national organization for dating violence prevention, will create small strategic teams to educate peers at their schools about healthy relationships and strategies to recognize and speak out against teen dating violence. Young Voices operates on-site weekly programming at five public high schools in the three geographically contiguous cities of Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls. Additionally, youth from other schools in Providence attend twice-a-week. [ Learn More ]

Women’s Center of Rhode Island, Providence - $5,000

The Women's Center of Rhode Island’s (WCRI) program focuses on engaging young men. The goal is to help participants understand cultural norms, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that contribute to intimate partner and dating violence, and take action to prevent violence. WCRI has developed expertise in primary prevention through participation in the national Domestic Violence Prevention, Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA) program. WCRI partners with community and educational organizations that serve young men, including Year Up Providence, City Year RI, New Urban Arts, the Urban Collaborative, Providence Community Action, RI Council of Churches, East Providence High School, and RiverzEdge Arts. [ Learn More ]

Women’s Resource Center, Newport - $7,500

The Women's Resource Center's Engaging Men in Domestic Violence Prevention program rallies the men in the community around domestic violence prevention and engages and trains men to become intentional mentors and positive role models of healthy non-violent manhood. A Men's Engagement Coordinator and Director of Prevention will work with the Newport Men's Engagement Committee to build prevention capacity and to develop a community-wide men's engagement plan for Newport. The goals of the program will be to build capacity and develop a Men's Engagement Plan for Newport that is both theory-based and community-driven. [ Learn More ]


AWARE, Harwick - $5,000

AWARE’s Survivor Support Services program will provide advocates with in-depth and trauma-informed assistance and support for families. The program will focus on hands-on support for parents to negate the effects of domestic violence on themselves, their children and the overall family dynamic. This may include home-visits, parent-child art and writing projects, and other interactive activities to help repair the parent-child bond after violence. They also will educate parents about the effects of abuse on children and give them parenting strategies to support healing, referrals to appropriate mental health practitioners, alternative healing practitioners and other necessary supports, and advocacy for the family with court, law enforcement, Department for Children and Families and schools. [ Learn More ]

Lamoille Women’s Crisis Home/ Clarina Howard Nichols Center, Morrisville - $5,000

The Lamoille Women’s Crisis Center will run a wellness program for victims sheltered at the Clarina Howard Nichols Center to help them deal with a variety of complex health concerns related to physical and emotional trauma. They will enhance opportunities for holistic services and programs that involve physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects of wellness. As a part of their survivor-centered shelter model, all activities and programs are available to guests on a voluntary basis. Investing in community outreach activities through training, events, and education will help survivors improve their overall health and wellness. [ Learn More ]

Sexual Assault Crisis Team, Barre - $5,000

The Sexual Assault Crisis team will run a program to engage young adults in the prevention of dating violence, internet/digital violence and violence in schools. Sexual Assault Crisis Team violence education encompasses sexual assault, dating violence, same sex, marital rape, sexual harassment and stalking. The program will reach young adults in public schools and colleges by highlighting the importance of violence prevention education through bystander leadership intervention. They also will focus on internet and digital media violence as well as workplace prevention. The strategy will be to provide educational seminars to students, including all male students, from grades 7 to college and have similar trainings open to all members of Washington County, VT communities, focusing on recognition and prevention. [ Learn More ]

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Burlington - $10,000

The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence will run a Men’s Engagement Summit with the ultimate goal to end domestic violence against women in Vermont. The Summit will include information about domestic and sexual violence, the role that sexism plays in domestic and sexual violence and the activities in which men can engage to impact domestic and sexual violence. The Vermont Network will work with men employed within the Network and the LGBT community to create the Summit and to ensure that it has meaning and it provides motivation for men across many communities, socio-economic strata, professions and gender identities. [ Learn More ]

Women Helping Battered Women, Burlington - $5,000

Women Helping Battered Women's Employment Advocacy Program has the overarching goal of supporting the long-term safety of survivors of domestic violence through comprehensive economic self-sufficiency. The Employment Advocacy Program is comprised of two vital components: Job Skills and Readiness and Ongoing implementation of the Safe at Work Network. Employment Advocates work one-on-one with clients to assist with job searches, resume and cover letter writing and interview skills. In addition, the Employment Advocate works with clients to determine long-term career goals, and then develop a plan for achieving the goals which often includes further training and/or education. The Safe at Work Network provides businesses with the comprehensive resources and training that are essential to ensuring all workplaces are safe for employees and employers while reducing employer's liability in the face of workplace violence and increasing an employer's bottom line. [ Learn More ]

WomenSafe, Middlebury - $5,000

WomenSafe will collaborate with middle and high schools and youth organizations to: develop student leaders in the prevention of dating and sexual violence; increase prevention education from 2 to 3 years; design education to meet student-identified needs and build staff capacity for responding. The student-led initiatives will use a series of round-table discussions with students and their adult supporters. The program will build off the success of the Vermont Network’s Consent Campaign (CC) Training which teaches youth the importance of consent for sexual activity and specifically supports them to be youth leaders by educating their peers. [ Learn More ]