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2014 Verizon Foundation New England Domestic Violence Solutions AwardsVerizon Foundation: 2014 New England Domestic Violence Solutions Awards


The Verizon Foundation is awarding $280,000 in grants to 48 nonprofit agencies that run domestic violence prevention and service programs in New England as part of our 2014 New England Domestic Violence Solutions Awards program. This year, the Verizon Foundation is supporting programs that provide services to survivors, engage men in domestic violence awareness and prevention, mobilize young people to engage in healthy relationships, help survivors build financial stability, and support families through healthcare initiatives.

Pictured (L to R): Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence; Deborah DeBare, Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Karen Jarmoc, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Maureen Gallagher, Jane Doe Inc.; Lyn Schollett, New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence; Julia Colpitts, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence; and Christine Berberich, New England Region president for Verizon Wireless. (Photo: Business Wire)



The Center for Family Justice, Bridgeport - $7,500

The Center for Family Justice’s Family Strengthening Services Programs assigns counselors and advocates to work with survivors to provide them with the tools to navigate the healing process of domestic violence through individual and group psycho-educational support and targeted case management. These services promote safety, begin the healing process and break the cycle of violence for adult and child survivors. All services provided are bilingual (Spanish), client-centered, culturally specific, age appropriate, trauma-informed and focus on strengthening individuals and families. [ Learn More ]

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Hartford - $10,000

Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence will fortify its work to integrate health services into domestic violence programs and to establish formal relationships between health care providers and domestic violence agencies in the areas of assessment, policy, training, and screening. They will collaborate with healthcare providers to conduct an assessment of policy and practice in Connecticut hospitals as it relates to domestic violence. [ Learn More ]

Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis - $7,500

"Real Strength" is a partnership between Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis, Women and Families Center, Beat the Streets Community Center and Spanish Community of Wallingford that works to engage men and boys in the elimination of violence against women. "Real Strength" has three main goals: 1) to strengthen individuals' knowledge, skills, and commitment to live without violence; 2) to educate community providers as allies against violence; and 3) to foster networks of men to engage other men and boys in the elimination of violence against women. [ Learn More ]

The Network Against Domestic Abuse of North Central CT Inc., Enfield - $10,000

The Network Against Domestic Abuse of North Central Ct will support a an advocate program to support victims of domestic violence in the court system. Advocates will provide assistance with criminal court procedures, and referrals for the victims within the Connecticut family violence law including information regarding protective orders and restraining orders. They provide education, safety planning alternatives and services to domestic violence victims on a day to day basis within the court system. [ Learn More ]

Safe Futures Inc., New London - $7,500

Safe Futures’ Healthy Relationships/Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program is geared to middle and high school students in New London County. The Program empowers teens to set clear boundaries, communicate their needs, and expect respect in a relationship. Lessons include role-playing whether to stay or leave an abusive relationship; looking at how movies, media, and song lyrics shape perceptions of violence and gender stereotypes; discussing the difference between romantic and obsessive love; defining sexual assault and sexual harassment; and understanding the different forms of dating abuse.[ Learn More ]

Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury - $7,500

Safe Haven will run a Dating Violence Prevention Program in local middle and high schools. They will present age appropriate curriculum to students to help them understand what constitutes dating violence, how to identify risk factors, how to form healthy relationships, and what to do if they are being abused.[ Learn More ]

Susan B. Anthony Project, Torrington - $7,500

Susan B. Anthony Project’s Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program encourages pre-teens and teens to form healthy, respectful relationships and positive, healthy attitudes about their relationships. The program’s goal is for pre-teens and teens to learn how to treat one another with respect and not engage in abusive behaviors.[ Learn More ]

YWCA of Greenwich - $7,500

YWCA of Greenwich’s Domestic Abuse Services provides young people with an important avenue for leadership through the YNet program. The YWCA YNet program has trained high school volunteers to educate hundreds of Greenwich High School (GHS) students about dating violence. The student mentors address social issues through public awareness activities, volunteer programs and social change campaigns. [ Learn More ]


Family Violence Project, Augusta - $5,000

Family Violence Project’s program eliminates barriers to safety caused by domestic violence and addiction by providing a recovery oriented shelter. Treatment for substance abuse, PTSD, and other mental health issues, are provided by their community partner, Kennebec Behavioral Health. The shelter supports women in treatment by offering traditional domestic violence advocacy services as well as support, education and case management services related to achieving and maintaining safety, sobriety and autonomy. [ Learn More ]

Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, Augusta - $5,000

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence’s Healthcare Outreach Project will educate healthcare professionals and first responders on screening and treating cases of domestic violence. Outreach and training will increase the capacity of healthcare professionals and first responders to recognize, respond and refer victims of domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Training for first responders will impress the importance of screening for children and mothers exposed to domestic violence. [ Learn More ]

Safe Voices, Auburn - $5,000

Safe Voices' Shelter Empowerment Initiative will create new resources and materials to build financial literacy skills, increased education and awareness about domestic violence, and build upon job readiness skills of shelter residents and transitional services participants as they prepare for new chapters in their lives. The program will strengthen the shelters' capacity for enhanced services. [ Learn More ]

The Next Step Domestic Violence Services, Ellsworth - $5,000

The Next Step Domestic Violence Service’s Legal Services Program provides collaborative support and advocacy for volunteer attorneys representing victims of domestic violence. The program will help to expedite legal proceedings for survivors by providing paralegal services, organizing court advocacy services to optimize quality and quantity, and provide court personnel with relevant and timely information about domestic violence dynamics, laws, and services. [ Learn More ]


Casa Myrna, Boston - $5,000

Casa Myrna will increase its presence in the community to better reach survivors and educate partner organizations to identify and screen for domestic violence in their clients. Casa Myrna’s bilingual community services specialists will work with the South End Community Health Center, Uphams Corner Health Center, Dorchester District Court, Brookview House and the Boston Family Justice Center to better identify and help victims. [ Learn More ]

DOVE Inc., Quincy - $5,000

DOVE Inc. will enhance its education and prevention efforts in local high schools through their Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Prevention program: YouthSpeak. YouthSpeak currently runs in four high schools and DOVE has reached out to six additional schools. The goal is to train male and female upperclassmen to be peer mentors and educators on issues of TDV. DOVE is empowering students and giving them the tools to recognize early on signs of control and understand the qualities of a healthy relationship. [ Learn More ]

Elizabeth Freeman Center, Pittsfield - $5,000

The Elizabeth Freeman Center’s Berkshire Violence Prevention Project (BVPP) will partner with schools, colleges and youth clubs to provide violence prevention programming to increase youth knowledge of relational violence and healthy relationships, and promote a shared sense of responsibility for ending violence. Lessons learned in BVPP programs are reinforced in the classroom as schools and BVPP staff work proactively and collaboratively to develop innovative strategies to address emerging problem issues. [ Learn More ]

Elizabeth Stone House, Jamaica Plain - $5,000

Elizabeth Stone House’s Path to Self-Sufficiency for Domestic Violence Survivors (P2SS) helps domestic violence survivors move closer to financial stability through the pursuit of education and job training. P2SS has helps clients address the risk factors, including domestic violence, that contribute to their financial instability; improve their personal financial management skills; and begin the education they need to achieve financial stability. Path to Self-Sufficiency provides a unifying framework for individuals and families to leave their violent pasts behind. [ Learn More ]

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project, Cambridge - $5,000

The GLBTQ Men program engages men in the GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer) community to respond to domestic violence. The program employs multiple strategies to educate GLBTQ men about domestic violence and increase their awareness of the role they can play in responding to it and provides opportunities for them to take action. This education engagement campaign empowers men to speak out against domestic violence, act as influencers of other men and provide awareness and resources to the community. [ Learn More ]

Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell - $5,000

Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell’s Project Bold program teaches girls and young women the skills and strategies to lead safer lives in their homes, in relationships, in their communities, and online. The Project Bold initiative will consist of four 10-week programs and will be a part of Girls Inc. 2014-2015 After-School Enrichment program. [ Learn More ]

Girls Inc. of Worcester - $5,000

Girls Inc. of Worcester’s Strong, Smart, and Bold Safety Strategies for Girls program is a comprehensive approach to the prevention of teen dating violence (TDV) among heterosexual and LGBT girls. In addition to providing program content that focuses on preventing violence before it happens, programs like Dear World, Friendly Peer, and Leadership Academy address risk factors for TDV and provide girls with coping strategies and skills for stopping violence in the early stages. Program strategies prepare girls to lead safe, healthy, and independent lives by preventing serious problems related to dating violence, domestic violence, substance abuse, early sexual activity, and teen pregnancy. [ Learn More ]

HarborCOV, Chelsea - $5,000

HarborCov’s Community Education Support Initiative addresses the specific issues that low-income survivors of domestic violence face and the barriers they must overcome in order to achieve economic viability. Clients are enrolled in classes through Bunker Hill Community College, and are actively participating in case management, semi-monthly peer-support meetings, and workshops related to their economic development, career exploration, and job readiness goals. HarborCov supports victims and survivors of domestic violence in attaining post-secondary education and securing a sustainable income. [ Learn More ]

Healing Abuse Working for Change, Salem - $5,000

Healing Abuse Working for Change’s (HAWC) Family Law Program currently contracts with partner attorneys to provides representation to clients on divorce, custody, visitation, child support, modifications, contempt, and uncontested and contested abuse prevention orders. They also provide consultation to clients with less complex litigation matters. HAWC will cultivate and maintain a pro bono legal panel, comprised of volunteer attorneys to provide direct representation to victims of domestic violence. This panel will promote HAWC's expertise among attorneys, and increase the knowledge among legal professionals in the community about how domestic violence impacts family law cases. [ Learn More ]

IMPACT, Malden - $5,000

The IMPACT: Ability Program provides healthy relationships education to high school students with significant intellectual and cognitive disabilities. IMPACT has extensive experience providing safety education to young people with disabilities, and applying that expertise to creating a healthy relationships curriculum for students. These trainings give young people crucial skills for refusing unwanted touch and attention. [ Learn More ]

Jane Doe Inc., Boston - $7,500

Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) has been at the forefront of the movement to engage men in ending violence against women. JDI initiated the MA White Ribbon Day Campaign (WRDC) as a primary prevention effort to reach men with messages about positive masculinity and tools to help transform the social norms that perpetuate and support sexual and domestic violence. The WRDC connects men and boys with like-minded men to help mobilize one another to do their part in ending violence against women. The WRDC also connects these men to JDI and their local JDI member programs as a way to help support services and advocacy efforts throughout the state. [ Learn More ]

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, Newburyport - $5,000

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center’s (JGCC) Community Based Services use proven approaches to meet the complex needs of women and children in crisis due to domestic violence. JGCC provides advocacy and support to help clients access social, financial, family services and legal assistance to secure court protective services, divorce, and child custody. JGCC's advocacy, therapeutic, and legal services provide an integrated web of support as client's needs shift over the course of a crisis response and recovery. [ Learn More ]

Mass General Hospital, Boston - $5,000

Mass General Hospital’s (MGH) HAVEN Domestic Violence Legal Partnership provides consultation and representation to MGH patients at the moment of crisis. Partnering legal representation with the medical team and HAVEN ensures that patients have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about utilizing the criminal justice system and to be as safe as possible. Survivors are provided with long term representation in obtaining legal court decisions on issues such as, divorce, child custody, child support, visitation and restraining order hearings. [ Learn More ]

New Hope, Attleboro - $5,000

New Hope will expand current services for children impacted by domestic and sexual violence with longer term mental health support. Enhancing services for traumatized children enables a child to develop a therapeutic alliance and feel comfortable discussing their trauma, and allows clinicians to provide longer treatment to these children, decreasing to need to refer to an outside resource after a therapeutic bond has been established. This is of particular importance in the New Hope service area where there are very few mental health programs that provide trauma-informed clinical services to children. [ Learn More ]

RESPOND, Somerville - $5,000

RESPOND uses classroom computers and SmartBoards to engage students in local schools on healthy relationships using elements from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and websites like The program explores what teen dating violence is, who it affects, why it is unacceptable, what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like, and what to do if you or someone you know is experiencing abuse. RESPOND provide up to six 50-minute presentations in a school day followed by information tables where students can talk with a RESPOND advocate. [ Learn More ]

Safe Passage, Northampton - $5,000

SafePassage’s Legal Program ensures justice for low-income survivors of domestic violence at a critical time: when they are depending on Probate and Family Court for rulings in divorce, custody, child support, and separation cases that help ensure safety, justice, and economic self-sufficiency. The Legal Program provides the advice and information survivors need to ensure positive outcomes when going through divorce and custody process without representation. [ Learn More ]

Southeast Regional Network, Plymouth - $5,000

Southeast Regional Network (SRN) collaborates with the Plymouth County White Ribbon Campaign, Plymouth's 17 police departments, and local men's organizations to engage more men in ending gender-based violence. SRN will expand the program to form a peer leadership group within the schools, comprised of young men who will act as school ambassadors to develop White Ribbon events, poster campaigns, and other events that promote engaging men in ending violence in the home. They also will broaden the current White Ribbon curriculum with a multi-media approach to reach the community. [ Learn More ]

Womanshelter/Compañeras, Holyoke - $5,000

Womenshelter/Compañeras' (W/C) Stand Up and Lead program is targeted to men who work with adolescents. By focusing on this group of individuals, W/C will reach more than just the men in the audience, but the message will spread to impressionable teens, their friends, their families, and generations to come in an effort to combat the spread of domestic violence. The program will feature the founder of A CALL TO MEN, Tony Porter, who has more than twenty years experience working in engaging men to end violence against women. [ Learn More ]

YWCA of Western Massachusetts, Springfield - $5,000

YWCA’s Empower Your Life program provides financial education and job readiness services for survivors of domestic violence, specifically low income women, seeking economic empowerment free from violence, power and control. Services will be focused on increased options for financial independence that close the self-sufficiency gap including financial education, career assessment, educational assistance, skills training and asset building. [ Learn More ]

New Hampshire

Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, Keene - $5,000

The Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention’s (MCVP) Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program delivers curricula to over 500 students, as well as faculty and staff in area schools. MCVP will enhance its Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program to include components on Digital Dating such as excessive texting and how abuse can happen via cell phones. Students also will be given tools to find support online via chat and text service for teens not feeling comfortable calling a hotline. [ Learn More ]

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Concord - $5,000

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence’s (NHCADSV) Trauma Informed Services project will provide training for community organizations including hospitals and social services on the impact of domestic violence. It will educate them on how to respond and refer to domestic violence organizations within the state. In addition, they will work with Juvenile, Probation and Parole services to communicate the impact of domestic violence on teens, how to talk to teens about healthy relationships, and discuss the impact of technology on dating violence. [ Learn More ]

Seacoast Task Force on Domestic Violence, Portsmouth - $5,000

Seacoast Task Force on Domestic Violence will continue to build its educations program by partnering with Sexual Assault Support Services. One of the key elements of the education program is helping area businesses to identify domestic violence victims in the workplace, and provide them with the appropriate assistance and resources. [ Learn More ]

Women’s Information Services, Lebanon - $5,000

The Women’s Information Services’ Youth Violence Prevention Program uses multiple tactics to provide information to adolescents about healthy relationships, including presentation, discussion, print materials, and social media. By engaging in these discussions at a young age, students have a much greater opportunity to exhibit healthier behaviors and have a stronger voice in their own relationships and on behalf of others.[ Learn More ]

Rhode Island

Day One, Providence - $5,000

Day One offers comprehensive group therapy for secondary victims of sexual assault. Continuing group therapy entitled 'Finding our Way Back: Reconnecting to Traumatized Youth' addresses the traumatic effect of violence committed by members of the family. This group therapy is effective support for caregivers of domestic violence victims since the caregiver has to be aware of their own emotional reactions and be able to manage it to effectively help the survivor. [ Learn More ]

Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, Wakefield - $5,000

Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County’s program will increase access to quality mental health care services for victims of domestic violence and their children. These services are especially important for survivor clients in order to help them return to a stable, happy life that is free of unhealthy relationships and domestic violence. Counseling develops the ability to process the trauma they have experienced and learn new, healthy relationship skills needed to plan for a violence-free future. [ Learn More ]

East Providence Prevention Council, East Providence - $5,000

East Providence Prevention Coalition’s Townie Leadership Academy (TLA) addresses the problems of teen interpersonal dating violence by providing training focused on an innovative "bystander" model that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate. The program offers a gender violence, bullying, and school violence prevention approach that encourages young men and women from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds to take on leadership roles in their schools and communities.[ Learn More ]

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Providence - $7,500

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) has launched a statewide project called Ten Men, where they are training and cultivating male leaders to engage other men and communities in the work to end and prevent domestic violence. The project's primary goal is to increase the involvement of men in Rhode Island to increase the number of men who publicly challenge traditional gender norms and speak out against domestic violence. [ Learn More ]

Women’s Center of Rhode Island, Providence - $5,000

The Women's Center of Rhode Island collaborates with community groups to provide teens with an understanding of the dynamics of relationship abuse, and a forum where they can speak freely about their experiences. The program focuses on teaching teens about healthy relationships, including how to identify unhealthy behaviors. The curriculum includes a discussion on a wide range of topics, including jealousy, cell phone privacy, body image, the effect of media on women, empowering other women, and healthy eating habits.. [ Learn More ]

Women’s Resource Center, Newport - $5,000

Women's Resource Center's Engaging Men in Domestic Violence Prevention program will train a core committee of men to identify opportunities and strategies for rallying the men in the community around domestic violence prevention. In the coming year, the Women’s Resource Center and the Newport Men's Engagement Committee will implement a community-wide men's engagement plan to increase outreach and awareness in the community. [ Learn More ]


AWARE, Harwick - $5,000

AWARE’s Survivor Support Services program provides immediate, in-depth and trauma-informed assistance and support for families focusing on support for parents in negating the effects of domestic violence on themselves, their children and the overall family dynamic. This includes advocate home visits, interactive activities to help repair the parent-child bond, parent education and strategies to support healing, and advocacy for the family with court, law enforcement, Department for Children and Families and schools. [ Learn More ]

Voices Against Violence, St. Albans - $5,000

Voices Against Violence will engage youth leaders, community service providers and schools in the prevention of domestic violence in Franklin and Grand Isle counties. They will implement a youth leadership program to train and support peer educators to addresses teen dating violence, technology safety, and healthy relationships in local schools. They also will train school administrators and educators to face and conquer the growing epidemic of technological abuse. [ Learn More ]

Safeline, Chelsea - $5,000

Safeline’s program provides legal support and services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, enabling clients to build a path to a violence free life. By providing legal support to survivors, especially those with Relief From Abuse orders, custody and divorce cases, and other matters related to housing, Safeline will educate survivors to their rights and responsibilities. Understanding the legal process can help survivors break free from their abusers. [ Learn More ]

Spectrum Youth and Family Services, Burlington - $5,000

Spectrum's Violence Intervention & Prevention Programs (VIPP) works to end men's violence towards women by holding offenders accountable and by supporting men who wish to engage in a process of change. Using an evidence-based curriculum that is effective in changing beliefs and behavior, Spectrum works with men to identify patterns of coercion and control, to understand how it harms women and children, and supports them to make safe, respectful choices in the future. [ Learn More ]

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Montpelier - $5,000

The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence runs a campaign to give men the tools, words and actions they need to join the effort to end domestic violence. They provide men with the tools to help connect with the vast majority of men and boys who respect women and girls and want to support families and communities live in peace. Aside from resources, the campaign features powerful and moving testimonials by fathers, sons, husbands, and community leaders speaking out against domestic violence and inviting their peers to join the movement.[ Learn More ]