FiOS TV Notice - June 2015

THE FOLLOWING NOTICE CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION about your FiOS® TV service and about Verizon's policies and procedures governing your FiOS TV service. Please read this information carefully. We also encourage you to visit us at

Credits for Loss of Service - Service Interruptions

In accordance with the Regulations of the Office of Cable Television, a service outage is defined as the total loss of the audio or visual portion of any service, not caused by the customer, for which the customer pays a separate charge and which affects Verizon’s distribution equipment. For service outages lasting six (6) to twenty-four (24) hours, you may be eligible to receive a one-day credit, based on your monthly rates for the affected service. For service outages that extend more than twenty-four (24) hours, you may be eligible to receive a credit based upon your monthly rate for the affected service for each calendar day (or part of a calendar day if greater than six (6) hours) during which such service is unavailable. Verizon may offer to provide an alternate form of compensation in lieu of a credit to compensate you for the loss of service caused by an outage. A credit may not be available if restoration of your service within six (6) hours cannot be accomplished due to factors beyond Verizon’s control, provided that service is restored within six (6) hours after restoration of service becomes practicable. If a loss of service lasts at least twenty-four (24) hours and is not the result of a service outage, you may be eligible to receive a credit based upon your monthly rate for the affected service for one day of service for each twenty-four (24) hour period during which the service is unavailable. Except and unless specifically provided otherwise by law, such credit (or alternate compensation in lieu of a credit in the case of a service outage) shall be your sole remedy for a service outage or other interruption of service. In order to be eligible for a credit, you must request such credit by phone or in writing to Verizon or the Office of Cable Television within thirty (30) days of the service outage. IN NO EVENT SHALL VERIZON, VERIZON ONLINE LLC, OR ANY VERIZON AFFILIATES (OR THEIR OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, PARENT OR SUBSIDIARIES), OR VERIZON’S THIRD-PARTY LICENSORS, PROVIDERS OR SUPPLIERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES OR LOSSES ARISING OUT OF THE SERVICE, WHETHER BASED ON NEGLIGENCE, CONTRACT OR OTHERWISE, REGARDLESS OF THE TYPE OF CLAIM OR THE NATURE OF THE CAUSE OF ACTION, EVEN IF VERIZON HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH CLAIM OR DAMAGES. OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN THE FiOS TV TERMS OF SERVICE APPLY.


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Annual Customer Notification


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New Jersey State law requires cable television companies to keep a record of all complaints received from customers at their offices and to file a report concerning such complaints with the Board of Public Utilities’ Office of Cable Television. It is through this office that the Board of Public Utilities regulates the cable television industry.

Under the rule implementing this requirement, we are required to notify you of your option to have the details of any consumer complaint you register with us reported to the Office of Cable Television. To help you better understand your options, we want to share some common questions other customers have asked, along with the corresponding answers.

To help you better understand your options, we want to share some common questions other customers have asked, along with the corresponding answers.

2013 FiOS TV Annual Notice - Complaint Waiver

We appreciate you as a loyal Verizon FiOS customer and hope you're enjoying all that FiOS TV brings to your home. As part of our ongoing commitment to serving you, we've posted this important notice to keep you up-to-date about your FiOS TV service, and Verizon's policies and procedures.

NJ Complaint Waiver




Parental Controls

FiOS® TV’s Parental Controls give you the ability to control and manage the programming that comes into your home. Parental Controls may be established for each Set Top Box and individually customized to your specific needs. This feature allows you to block access to shows by channel or rating. You can also block unauthorized Pay Per View and On Demand purchases by setting up purchase PINs, and choose to show or hide adult information from the on-screen channel guide. When programs with a particular rating level are blocked, the FiOS TV interactive media guide will automatically block programs with higher rating levels as well. For example, if you choose to block PG-rated programming, PG-13 and R-rated programs will be blocked from view as well. Once Parental Controls have been enabled, access to blocked programming can only be obtained by entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you will be prompted to set up the first time the Parental Controls feature is used. The PIN must also be used to make further changes to your Parental Control settings. In the event that your Set Top Box is reinitialized for any reason, such as for maintenance or for software upgrade purposes, you must reestablish the Parental Control PIN. If you have questions about using Parental Controls or any of the many features of the interactive media guide, you can use your FiOS TV remote and press the button marked Menu to access the “Help Menu” for answers or access the FiOS TV Learning On Demand channel on Channel 131. There, you’ll find detailed information and instructional videos to help you get the most out of FiOS TV. Answers to your questions about Parental Controls as well as other FiOS TV features can also be found online at

Complaints and Customer Service

Please review the following ways you can resolve any concerns regarding customer service, billing or service quality. If you experience a service interruption or have a question or complaint about your FiOS TV service, please contact our customer care number at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966) as soon as possible. Verizon is confident we can resolve any question you may have with our FiOS TV service in a convenient and timely manner. In the unlikely event your concern is still unresolved after contacting the above number, you may write to us at: Verizon Customer Relations, 290 W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, 1st Floor – DRC, Livingston, NJ 07039. When you write or call us, please provide your account number and explain the nature and history of the problem. We will try to promptly resolve your complaint. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will notify you that we are unable to do so and explain the reason why. If you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint or we are unable to resolve your complaint, you may contact the Office of Cable Television at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities at the following address to discuss your complaint:

NJ Board of Public Utilities
Office of Cable Television
44 South Clinton Avenue, 9th Floor
P.O. Box 350
Trenton, NJ 08625-0350