The Verizon Foundation defines "quality of life" in these terms - the ability to live a life free from domestic violence, to have access to the health information and services you need when you need them and to live as an independent and productive member of your community.

In healthcare, we are infusing mobile technology into the patient care model, empowering patients to better understand and manage their chronic diseases. Our programs are tackling heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and respiratory conditions in underserved communities, providing them the tools they need to lead healthier lives.

And, since our business is centered on technology, we believe it is our responsibility to be proactive and help people understand how to use the technology of the Internet safely.

Find out more about what we're doing to reach these objectives and improve quality of life in New Jersey.


Featured Programs & Grants


Verizon Foundation brings nursing and allied health education to the virtual levelVerizon Foundation brings nursing and allied health education to the virtual level

At the The Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a 28-year-old patient is tended to by second-year nursing students. The patient, Tina Jones, works as a shift supervisor at a local copy and print shop, enjoys watching documentaries and is active in her community.

She's also a robot.

Specifically, Tina Jones is a Digital Standardized Patient who breathes, speaks and has a rich medical and psychosocial history with which students can interact. Created by graphic and animation artists, Tina blinks, swings her leg slightly in that way we all do on the examining table and can answer up to 50,000 questions, ranging from her family background to her medical history and medication compliance.

Tina serves as a critical learning tool for undergraduate, graduate and nursing faculty using Shadow Health, educational software that provides interactive learning environments through creation of its Digital Clinical Experience, or DCE, for nursing and allied health education programs. The program is funded in part by a $5,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation, granted through the Independent College Fund of New Jersey. [ Learn More ]


Verizon is proud to support the Joe Torre Safe at Home FoundationVerizon Supports "Margaret's Place" and the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation

Baseball great Joe Torre, Major League Baseball's executive vice president of baseball operations, was recently the guest of honor at Emerson Middle School in Union City. During a school-wide assembly, Torre shared his experiences with domestic violence and accepted a $65,000 grant from HopeLine from Verizon and the Verizon Foundation to support his Safe At Home Foundation and its Margaret's Place initiative.


Verizon is proud to support 180 Turning Lives Around180 Turning Lives Around, Inc. Breaks Ground on the Largest Safe House in the State of New Jersey

180 Turning Lives Around, a private non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence in the community, hosted a ceremonial groundbreaking for the largest shelter for victims of domestic violence in the state of New Jersey. As part of the ceremony, 180 Turning Lives Around received a $100,000 grant from HopeLine from Verizon. [ Learn More ]


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HopeLine: You Can Make a Difference

HopeLine from Verizon connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds and organizations nationwide and recycles no-longer-used phones to help protect the environment. [ Learn More ]


Smart Vision Labs - Powerful Answers

Smart Vision Labs - The winner of the Pwowerful Answers Awards top prize in the healthcare category, Smart Vision Labs developed a portable vision examination device that, with a single snapshot, measures refractive errors of the eye and generates prescriptions – all without patient interaction. The pocket-sized and low cost Smart Aberrometer uses a smartphone’s flashlight and camera, combined with an add-on microlens array, to improve the way people get their vision evaluated.


Converged Health Management

Verizon is addressing yet another critical issue faced by the U.S. healthcare system, with Converged Health Management, a remote patient-monitoring medical platform designed to help clinicians and patients manage their health in between doctor visits. [ Learn More ]