Meet Eric Mehlhaff - Verizon Service Hero

Eric Mehlhaff: Helping to Create Lifelong Verizon Customers

If anyone recognizes the importance of installation day for Verizon FiOS customers, it is Eric Mehlhaff. A 14-year Verizon employee, Eric believes that nothing should stand in the way of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

During a recent FiOS installation on a particularly rainy and windy day on Long Island, Eric performed his work with such professionalism, efficiency and care, that the customer wrote Verizon to express his delight and gratitude. "After meeting Eric and experiencing FiOS, I wondered why I didn't switch to Verizon sooner?" So impressed, he proclaimed himself a Verizon Customer for Life!

At Verizon, we believe every employee can make a positive difference in our customers' lives

That's why we are honoring Eric with the Verizon Service Hero Award. A husband and a father of two children, Eric is also a proud member of the Long Island community. Delivering excellent service is nothing out of the ordinary for Eric - it is an everyday - for every customer - expectation.