Welcome to Verizon – New York online, a great resource for news and information on how we serve you - our customers, communities and partners in New York. Here, you'll learn about how we are revolutionizing our business with new services and state-of-the-art technologies to meet the region's ever-changing telecommunications needs and about our community service and philanthropic work in the area.

Our industry has transformed dramatically. Speed, mobility and control over how, when and where we all communicate are as important to our customers as the telephone itself, and our products and services meet those demands. Since 2006 alone, we have invested $3.135 billion in new network technologies in New York State. That investment drives the next-generation suite of products and services that digital customers demand.

Verizon is the first communications company to make a major commitment to taking fiber optic networks all the way to homes and businesses. This new technology, known as "FiOS" delivers super-fast Internet access, unmatched video service, all kinds of interactive capabilities, and almost unlimited capacity for future growth. Customers from Buffalo, New York to Greenwich, Connecticut already have access to broadband Internet services that are faster than anything we've seen to date. More and more communities also are enjoying a robust new choice for TV services – FiOS TV.

We appreciate your patience as we deploy in your neighborhood the most advanced fiber network available anywhere. We promise to be as least disruptive and as quick as possible. And we promise to leave you with a voice, data and video network that will leave you smiling for years to come.

On behalf of all of us at Verizon New York, thanks for visiting our site!