In an industry as dynamic as telecommunications, it's critical that the basic assumptions underpinning public policy promote competition among service providers, while driving investment and innovation, and creating value and choices for customers.

Here in Pennsylvania, we're advocating Verizon's position on a number of important issues. In this section, you'll learn more about our goals and objectives in the policy arena and what you as residents and consumers in the Keystone State can do to get involved.



Verizon is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Innovation & CompetitionRegulatory Modernization Legislation

Consumers in Pennsylvania are redefining the communications marketplace. In growing numbers, they are adopting new communications tools provided by wireless, cable, and Internet companies. Today, Pennsylvanians utilize a range of innovative tools to meet their communications needs including email, text messaging and social networking – communicating in ways that were simply unimaginable when traditional phone regulations were written so many years ago.

While advances in technology have reshaped our world, our regulations have not kept up with this progress and they no longer serve the public interest. Streamlining outdated, burdensome regulations can make it easier for telecommunications companies to continue to invest and grow and enable Pennsylvania consumers to experience the full potential the industry can provide.

Fortunately, a bill has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to modernize outdated rules which no longer make sense in today’s environment, the Telecommunications Market Competition Act (HB 1608). Verizon supports this legislation because common sense reforms are needed to update decades-old regulations that no longer make sense given our robust competitive environment and the diverse technological landscape. Most importantly, we believe this legislation will better position companies like ours to better serve our customers, our employees and the communities we serve, while still keeping important consumer protections in place.

Verizon has teamed up with the Pennsylvania Coalition for Innovation and Competition, of which we are a member, as well as dozens of independent businesses, to encourage the House Consumer Affairs Committee and Legislature to move HB 1608 forward. Verizon is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Innovation & Competition because we believe that continued competition, innovation and investment benefits consumers and businesses throughout the state.

You can help our efforts by visiting and "Liking" the Coalition’s Facebook   page or voicing your support for the bill via the   Coalition’s Action Center.

Robust competition has been the driver of technological progress - especially in our industry. Yet while Pennsylvanians have benefited from this progress, state regulations have not kept up. It is time for Pennsylvania to join with other states who have
already modernized their regulations to ensure Pennsylvania remains a great place for residents to live and work.

 Verizon supports pssage of HB 1608
On November 21, 2013 the House Consumer Affairs Committee held its first hearing on House Bill 1608. Verizon is proud to join the other members of The Pennsylvania Coalition for Innovation & Competition in supporting the bill.


Texting While Driving Ban

Verizon has joined forces with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and a number of other businesses and community organizations to help promote safe driving through It Can Wait.

We support federal legislation to ban texting and e-mailing while driving. This approach is a logical extension of our previous breaks with other wireless companies to support state-wide legislation banning texting and e-mailing while driving. [ Learn more ]

And we support the Pennsylvania ban on texting and e-mailing while driving.



Meeting Our Chapter 30 Commitment to Pennsylvania

Verizon is ahead of schedule for meeting its Chapter 30 obligations to deliver broadband to 100% of its Pennsylvania service territory by 2015.

Broadband availability in rural areas has increased dramatically since December 2004 when Act 183 renewed Chapter 30. Today, over 90% of Verizon's access lines can get Verizon High Speed Internet Service. And the list continues to grow. [ Learn more ]