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Verizon: Investing in Rhode Island

Verizon provides unparalleled voice, data and video services in the Ocean State.

Below you'll find some good data demonstrating Verizon's commitment to the communities where we live and work


Key Operational and Financial Statistics for Verizon Companies* in RI


  • We serve more than 346,000 accounts in RI
  • We invested more than $120 million in plant and equipment in 2011
  • We operate a fleet with 467 vehicles
  • We own or manage 18 buildings or locations in Rhode Island
  • We partner with more than 420 vendors and suppliers
  • 986 of our 1,094 employees live here
  • Our RI employee payroll was more than $69 million last year
  • We paid more than $28 million in healthcare costs for employees and retirees
  • We paid more than $24 million annually to more than 1,700 retirees in RI
  • More than 5,100 Verizon shareowners live here
  • We made more than $200,000 in charitable and civic contributions in Rhode Island in 2011