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Verizon serves customers in every corner of Rhode Island, and we're committed to using technology to make a difference in the neighborhoods in which they live and work. By supporting organizations that are making a difference every day, together we are improving lives while contributing to the future well-being of the Ocean State.

The Verizon Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Verizon, focuses on improving quality of life for Rhode Island residents by investing in a wide range of programs that strengthen K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, raise awareness of domestic violence, and improve health care and energy management through the use of technology.


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Verizon Champions Innovative STEM Programs at 5 Rhode Island SchoolsVerizon Champions Innovative STEM Programs at 5 Rhode Island Schools

The Verizon Innovate Learning Grant program recognizes and supports promising initiatives to increase STEM learning and interest in K-12 schools. The Verizon Foundation awarded a total of $220,000 to eleven schools/districts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The winners are among 100 schools nationwide to receive a grant to improve STEM education. Schools here in the Ocean State include:

Carl Lauro Elementary School, Providence:

Carl Lauro Elementary School will use funding to partner with the Highlander Institute to provide a technology focused professional development workshop for teachers in grades 3-5. The workshops advance a blended learning practice so that technology is better integrated into curriculum instruction. As a result, the school expects to see increased technology use and comfort, advancement of student achievement in mathematics and more targeted differentiation of supports to students with special needs and for English Language Learners.

Harry Kizirian Elementary School, Providence:

Kizirian Elementary School will use the grant to create a school-based blended learning plan. The plan will focus on cost-effective solutions to addressing gaps in student comfort with technology and mathematics, through blended learning. The plan will include training a cadre of teacher leaders to effectively use technology in their classrooms, and transfer these practices to their peers. Teachers will then implement blended learning practices in their classrooms, and measure the impact of blended learning on student achievement.

Pawtucket School Department, Pawtucket:

The Pawtucket School Department's Child Opportunity Zone will use funding for a multifaceted STEM program, with the primary emphasis on students at the Pawtucket School Department's alternative high school, Pawtucket Learning Academy (PLA). The program will develop STEM programming options and enhance the capacity of students at the PLA to access similar programs, supplies and curriculum materials as their peers in the two comprehensive high schools and middle schools.

San Miguel Education Center, Providence:

Verizon SMARTkids program will support the San Miguel School STEM initiative by accelerating implementation of Robotics and Coding to provide students with engaging, curriculum-based, hands-on learning applications, with the goal to close proficiency and interest gaps faced by children from low-income environments. The skills acquired from a STEM-based education will give students the tools needed to navigate in school, college and ultimately, a global economy.

Sheila “Skip” Nowell Academy, Providence:

Nowell Leadership Academy will team up with STEAM Box to offer programs that would incorporate STEAM into the classroom. Students will learn software engineering through computer design, and programming as well as visual arts programs such as Photoshop. The students will participate in different roles and practice their team building skills.


The Verizon Innovative App Challenge

The Verizon Innovative App Challenge and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is helping Verizon to encourage students nationwide to organize their teams and submit their cool app ideas. Absolutely no coding or technology skills are necessary to win. [ Learn More ]




East Providence Prevention Center Recognizes Verizon


The East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) presented their 2015 Partners In Prevention Awards to ten individuals/organizations. Michele Cinquegrano (second from the right) accepted the award on behalf of Verizon. The EPPC is a citizens group dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. To learn more about the great work that they do in our community, click here.




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Verizon is a Great/Green Place to Work

With more than 20,000 Green Team members, Verizon always has a fun eco-friendly event around the corner. Look for career opportunities with us, and help us stay committed to improving the communities in which we live and work. [ Learn More ]



Powerful Answers Awards

Four great ideas were named first place winners of the Powerful Answers Award, a multi-million dollar challenge that encourages entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions in education, healthcare, sustainability and transportation. [ Learn More ]



What is Global Corporate Citizenship?



HopeLine: You Can Make a Difference?

HopeLine from Verizon connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds and organizations nationwide and recycles no-longer-used phones to help protect the environment. [ Learn More ]



Helping Deaf Senior Citizens Stay Connected

Inside the doors the New England Homes for the Deaf, you can find some of the most caring and inspirational people you'll ever meet. It is the only facility in the Northeast that takes care senior citizens that are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing. Residents rely on video phones for staying connected with loved ones, and the caring staff utilizes video phone and Internet connected devices day and night.



Empowering Teachers and Students in the Classroom

Verizon is working with more than 200 teachers in 24 schools to provide the training they need to more effectively integrate mobile technology in their classrooms. See how students are benefiting and thriving.



"Telling Amy's Story"

This powerful documentary chronicles the death of Amy Homan McGee, a mother of two, who was shot and killed by her husband. Hosted by actress and advocate Mariska Hargitay, and told by Detective Deirdri Fishel, Telling Amy's Story follows the timeline of a domestic violence homicide that occurred on November 8, 2001. Learn more.



The Network Effect

Environmental stewardship is ingrained in Verizon's heritage, and the company prides itself on having a positive influence on the environment. We work to reduce our impact on the environment by conserving energy, recycling and developing greener products. Visit