Going Above and Beyond for the Customer

Stan Matuzek

For Verizon technician Stan Matuzek, it was just another Thursday. But it quickly turned into anything but a normal day.

Upon arriving at a customer's house to answer a service call, Stan discovered a propane tank that was on fire. Stan snapped into action moving the customer's cars and other gas powered vehicles away from danger. He pieced together broken garden hoses, and sprayed down the fire until the fire department arrived.

And when the fire was put out, Stan finished answering the service call.

At Verizon, we believe every employee can make a positive difference. Stan's actions went above and beyond. And that's why we're honored to present Stan with the Verizon Service Hero Award. A proud husband and father of three from Grafton who has been a Verizon employee for 15 years, Stan delivers the excellent service customers expect. And he's a local hero you can believe in.


Verizon Service Heroes - Northeast