Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable World


Environmental stewardship is ingrained in Verizon's heritage, and the company prides itself on having a positive influence on the environment. We are committed to minimizing our own environmental impact in Texas and to finding sustainable technology solutions for customers that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy in the Lone Star State.

We are leveraging our expertise in energy management technology to foster smart energy practices in communities, businesses and universities. We're also helping to build awareness and inspire good environmental citizenship in our schools and the communities where we live and work.

And we work to reduce our impact by conserving energy, recycling and developing greener products. To learn more, visit


Grapevine Recycling Rally Brings New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

Grapevine Recycling Rally Brings New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

More than 50 area residents joined Verizon employees at 325 S. Main Street in Grapevine on April 5 to collect unwanted electronics and other material for recycling. As part of the Epic Earth Day Experience, Verizon partnered with Keep Grapevine Beautiful, to host the Grapevine Recycling Rally, which collected 3,579 lbs of electronics and other items to be recycled, as well as 20 cell phones for the HopeLine program.

Thanks to everyone on the team for your help in making the event a success! [ Learn More ]


Powerful Answers Awards - EducationPowerful Answers Awards

On Jan. 8, 2014, Verizon announced the five Powerful Answers Award winners in the sustainability category. The winners feature solutions that will help in the United States as well as in the developing world. They range from a disaster relief and assistance portal, to solutions that make investment in solar and sustainable energy easier, to collaborative consumption in the taxi/transportation industry. Other winners focus on better pest control and management and helping companies manage their waste disposal more effectively and efficiently. [ Learn More ]



Verizon Hosts Free Electronics Recycling Rally in Richardson 


Verizon Hosts Free Electronics Recycling Rally in Richardson


More than 150 local residents joined Verizon employees in the parking lot of our Richardson campus to collect more than 9,677 pounds of unwanted electronics for recycling. This electronic recycling event was part of Verizon's commitment to protect and preserve the environment by enabling the public to be "green" at work and at home. 



Featured Programs and Events


Verizon has provided a $25,000 sustainability grant to support the University of North Texas Engineering schoolUniversity of North Texas School of Engineering


Verizon has provided a $25,000 sustainability grant to support the University of North Texas Engineering school, and in particular student capstone projects in zero-energy consumption living.

Pictured (L to R) Eileen Moran, Associate Vice President-Development - UNT, flanked by Dr. Tao, chair of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, and Costas Tsatsoulis, Dean of the College of Engineering.   Representing Verizon are Barbara Walker, External Affairs, Lori Kline, Wireless Account Manager, and Don Burgio, Verizon IT and College of Engineering Advisory Board member. (Photo credit: UNT / URCM Photography)



Verizon Helps to Keep Our Communities BeautifulVerizon Helps to Keep Our Communities Beautiful

Verizon has supported Keep Grapevine Beautiful with both volunteers and a $15,000 Foundation grant, as part of a communitywide sustainability education program. From left: Barbara Walker, Verizon External Affairs Director; Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate, and Mary Jo Tellin, Executive Director for Keep Grapevine Beautiful. Coincidentally, Verizon Green Teams recently marked a million pounds of recycled goods  , and Keep Grapevine Beautiful just marked a million dollars worth of volunteer hours given to community sustainability projects.  


Recycling Rally - Hidden Ridge 2012  

Recycling Rally

On October 25th, 2012, Verizon held a Recycling Rally at our Hidden Ridge complex. Our employees collected more than 20 pallets of electronic waste - TVs, computers, microwaves, etc. – keeping these unwanted items out of landfills.

Through a series of 35 Recycling Rallies across the U.S. since 2009, Verizon has reached its 2012 goal of collecting more than 1 million pounds of electronic waste to keep out of landfills.  To keep the momentum going, Verizon has committed to collecting another 1 million pounds of e-waste by 2015. [ Read the press release ]



Grapevine Fire Station Garden Project

Verizon employees volunteering on a Saturday to help beautify the city of Grapevine, as part of the company's commitment to the environment and sustainability.



How do you celebrate Earth Day?

Verizon employees and family members donated time on a recent Saturday to create 10 vegetable gardens for GRACE, a nonprofit organization in Grapevine, Texas that provides services to the underprivileged in the community. Not only did Verizon volunteers help their less fortunate neighbors, they did so with a view to help the environment.



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How We're Building a Greener Network

Have you ever wondered how much energy it takes to power the U.S. communication infrastructure? The answer is in the video. More importantly, the answer to how Verizon is working to reduce energy consumption is revealed – in our Carbon Intensity Metric. [ Learn More ]



Mosaic - Powerful Answers

The winner of the Powerful Answers Awards top prize in the sustainability category, Mosaic is the first online platform for individuals to invest in clean energy projects. After lending more than $4 million to solar projects across the United States, Mosaic plans to take its model to a global level and offer crowd-funded investment to the developing world. These plans are possible because of SMS and mobile banking technology. Mosaic’s international lending program, with an accompanying mobile app, will help finance the transition from kerosene lamps, diesel generators and unsustainably harvested wood directly to clean, renewable power. [ Learn More ]



Verizon Powerful Answers - Big Belly

Verizon partnered with BigBelly Solar to wirelessly connect its self-compacting trash receptacles to give city crews real-time data, resulting in just-in-time trash collection.



Energy Star-Friendly Store Design

The Network Effect

We have set a goal of earning Energy Star certification for 100 percent of eligible Verizon Wireless retail stores at least once. Retail stores built to our new Evolution 2.0 design standards are precertified to meet EnergyStar guidelines. Help spread the word so that eco-friendly actions become second nature at work and at home.

Recycling Rallies

Our Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet


To make recycling electronics a little easier, Verizon kicked-off a series of 13 recycling rallies in communities across the country in 2012. Verizon held 10 recycling rallies last year, and were collected more than 425,000 pounds of e-waste, all of which was kept out of landfills.

Sustainability Officer James Gowen on the latest additions to our Green Fleet initiative.