Verizon's communications revolution began right here in Texas, the first state in the nation to receive Verizon's advanced telecommunications network known as fiber-to-the premises (FTTP) and its high-speed voice and data products known as Verizon FiOS. Our Texas operations are leading the nation in the delivery of the most robust suite of telecom services consumers and small businesses have ever seen.

And we're especially proud that our company chose Texas to be the first to have the opportunity to experience FiOS TV. That says a lot about who we are here -- tech-savvy, mobile, and eager to receive the latest broadband services.

Backed by the dedicated efforts of more than 16,500 employees throughout Texas, we serve 1.3 million phone lines and thousands of Verizon Wireless customers. Our coverage area stretches from East to North to Central Texas, to the Hill Country, the Rio Grande Valley, and the Gulf Coast.

As you explore this site, you will discover the many ways in which we continue our transformation into the next-generation broadband company, and how we deliver innovative communications solutions to all we serve - every day.