Continued from the Verizon Virginia homepage:

In each of the last several years, Verizon invested approximately $600 million in its wireline telecommunications infrastructure to keep pace with the fast-changing technological needs of our customers – during the same period, Virginia's state government spent $87 million on new technology.

Additionally, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $1 billion across the U.S., including Virginia, rolling out its highly-advanced third-generation wireless broadband network. BroadbandAccess, as this 3G network is called, gives organizations and homes in rural areas the same fast Web browsing, email downloading and online speeds as a landline connection, helping these areas attract investment and expand economically. Verizon is also delivering the nation's first Fourth-Generation network, with data speeds potentially as fast as 100 megabytes.

At Verizon, we are committed to advocating for sound public policy initiatives that encourage continued and accelerated steps forward in Virginia. We should be establishing policies that incent broadband deployment, create new, high paying jobs, and create a business environment that promotes fair competition. Verizon supports policies where all providers have the maximum incentive to invest and bring the newest and best products to market at the most competitive price to every Virginian.

On this Web site, you can learn about public policy initiatives that affect our industry and how you can help us keep government regulations advancing at the same lightening-fast pace as our industry.