Important Wireless Issues

Wireless Phone Security

Verizon encourages you to protect your mobile phones and offers simple steps to help you avoid device loss and keep user IDs and passwords safe, as well as information for reporting and replacing a lost or stolen device.

Here are simple steps to help you avoid device loss and keep user IDs and passwords safe, as well as information for reporting and replacing a stolen device.

Lost or theft

Be aware of your surrounding environment. Use your phone discreetly if you feel you are in an unsafe area. Document your device's information, including make and model, serial number, and unique identification number (MEID or IMEI). Never leave your phone unattended, or visible in your car. Take extra care during times when you could be distracted: At an airline or rental counter; at airline security; when travelling on a plane, bus, or taxi; or when a stranger distracts you (which could be a decoy). Install and maintain anti-theft software, which can be downloaded from your phone's app store.  (Android™, Apple®, BlackBerry®, Windows®).

Apps are available that will:

  • Locate your device from any computer
  • Lock your device to restrict access
  • Sound an alarm to help locate it

For most Android devices, Verizon Wireless offers a Mobile Security application that provides these and other features.

Use passwords to protect the data on your device

Never give your passwords to anyone over the phone, include them in email messages, give them to anyone, or write them down and store them in a visible area. Do not use the same password for every system that requires one. Changing the letter O to zero or the letter I to a 1 also does not make a password secure, as hacking programs can also check for this type of change. Verizon Wireless offers free workshops for many devices, which may include security information.

Create passwords that are easy to remember, but difficult for anyone else to guess. Avoid creating passwords that contain:

  • Names of significant others, children, pets, sports teams, hobbies, etc.
  • Any form of your first or last name, birth date, license plate number, telephone number, etc.
  • Keyboard patterns like 'qwerty' or '123456'
  • Titles of movies, books, poems, or songs

If your device is lost or stolen

Contact Verizon Wireless at 800-922-0204 or login to My Verizon to suspend service and report your lost or stolen device. You can also contact your local police department to report the theft.

If you have anti-theft software installed on your device, such as Verizon Mobile Security, use it to lock and wipe it of any sensitive information. Change all of your passwords to your email, online banking, and social networking accounts that may have been accessed from your device. Attempt to locate your device by calling it, or through the GPS locator if you have one installed. You can download a GPS locater from your phone's app store. If you are enrolled in Total Equipment Coverage or Wireless Phone Protection, contact Asurion customer service at (888) 881-2622 to file an insurance claim.