Verizon and Verizon Credit Give Companies the Capability to Grow!

Verizon Credit - Your Financial Connection

A Total Solution Approach - Equipment, Services and Financing

Cost-effective financing is crucial in today's competitive business environment. The value of business equipment and services comes from the ability to increase productivity and profits - not from ownership. The benefits of utilizing new technology now, rather than later, may even offset the expense of financing.

Count on Verizon Credit's expertise to help you understand the financial options available or to customize a unique financial structure that best suits your company's needs.

What Verizon Credit Can Offer You:

  • A Single-Source Solution
    Expedite your technology plan by taking advantage of both first-class technology and competitive financing for a seamless, one-stop Verizon solution.
  • New Technology with Innovative Financing
    Leverage the immediate benefits of technology, with financial structures designed to meet your budget cycles.
  • Cash Management
    Manage your expense and cash flow requirements through Verizon Credit's attractive rates and flexible payment plans.
  • A Trusted Financial Partner
    Count on Verizon Credit's expertise to help you understand available financial options or to design a unique financial structure that best suits your company's needs.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions and Verizon Credit Can Fuel Company Growth

When you combine Verizon’s world-class expertise in communications with Verizon Credit’s attractive rates and flexible payment plans, you get an unbeatable combination that can energize your company’s growth.

Verizon Credit focuses on the big picture allowing you to:

  • Optimize cash flow
  • Improve your financial position
  • Create structures that reduce upfront costs
  • Eliminate strain on capital budgets

Count on Verizon Credit for innovative financing to help you reach your strategic goals and financial objectives.

Please email us at to discover how Verizon Credit can help your company grow.

Verizon Credit, a unit of Verizon Capital Group, is dedicated to providing financial solutions that support purchases of Verizon sold products and services. Since 1981, Verizon Credit has delivered proven, secure and stable financial services that give companies the power to use technology to help develop their businesses.

(The information above is not intended to provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Please confer with your accounting or tax professional to learn more about how leasing and financing can benefit your organization.)