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Network Disclosures Prior to July 2002

This site provides public notice of changes to Verizon's (formerly Bell Atlantic's) network that must be disclosed under regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commision.

Disclosed February 2002
ADSL Data Network Update
OC12c ATM Cell Relay
DSL Access Service at the Remote Terminal

Disclosed January 2001
Verizon Integrated Access Service
Channel Extension Service Update
Disclosed May 2000
Eastern Massachusetts LATA Sectoring
Premises to Premises and Premises to Wire Center / Demultiplexing Hub Update
Disclosed June 1999
Cell Relay Service Update
Bell Atlantic Broadcast Video Service (BVS) - 45 Mb/s Digital Video Transport Service
ADSL Data Network (ADN) Service Update
Bell Atlantic Broadcast Video Service (BVS) - 19.39 Mb/s Digital Video Transport Service
Transparent LAN Service (TLS) Update
STS-1 Transport Services Update
Conversion of Signaling on E911 Trunks Between End Office and E911 Tandem from Multi Frequency to SS7.
Disclosed December 1998
711 Dialing
Disclosed November 1998
ADSL Data Network (ADN) Service
Disclosed April 1998
E911 Upcoming Deployment Schedule by State
Disclosed March 1998
FDDI Network Service (FNS) Update
Switched Mulimegabit Data Service (SMDS)Update
Frame Relay Service Update
Cell Relay Service Update

Disclosed October 1998
Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Capability Access
Disclosed December 1997
Carrier Identification Codes (CIC) &Carrier Access Code (CAC) Changes
Disclosed November 1997
Broadcast Video Service (BVS)-Serial Component Video Service
Inter System Coupling Interface
Disclosed June 1997
Switched Mulitmegabit Data Service (SMDS) to ATM/Cell Relay Interworking Service

ADSL Data Network (ADN) Service
Disclosed May 1997
Utility Telemetry Service
Disclosed April 1997
New Jersey Tandem
Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) Service
Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC) Cell Relay Service
Disclosed March 1997
Local Number Portability
Disclosed January 1997
Enhanced 911 (E911) Service/NPA Relief