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Network Disclosures

Welcome to Verizon's (formerly GTE's) Network Disclosures page.

This site is available to the public for notice of network changes required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Please note this information is subject to change.

Network Disclosures Prior to July 2002

Customer Transfer Services

FLEX ANI for Payphone Compensation
FLEX ANI for Payphone Compensation November15, 1999 Update

High Bandwidth Digital Based Services

Message Waiting Indication - Visual

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Premises Exempt from Caged and Cageless Collocation (PDF)

Locations Exempt (PDF)

Property Repositioning - Portion of Illinois (PDF)

Property Repositioning - Portion of Wisconsin (PDF)

Property Repositioning - Minnesota, New Mexico, Parts of Texas

Property Repositioning - Arkansas, Missouri

Property Repositioning - Iowa

Property Repositioning - Nebraska, Oklahoma

Service Provider Number Portability

Short Term Notification - End of Permissive Dialing for Five Digit CACs

Temecula California Central Office Conversion (PDF)
Update to Temecula California Central Office Conversion (PDF)
Video Access Transport Service, Fiber To The Home Digital Data Service - Short Term Notification (PDF)


Voice Mail Platform Conversion in the West Area
Voice Mail Platform Conversion Schedule (XLS)

Voice Mail Server Replacements for Y2K Compliance

Voice Messaging Interoffice Hubbing (VMAI)

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