NYSE: VZ Disclaimer

Governance Framework

Verizon's corporate governance framework is rooted in our core values of integrity, responsibility and accountability. These values are incorporated into our Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Guidelines, which together provide a framework for our daily operations. Our Board of Directors is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and oversees the management of risks inherent in the operation of the Company's businesses and implementation of its strategic plan. All of our Directors stand for election each year. Board oversight is effected through our four standing committees: Audit, Corporate Governance and Policy, Finance, and Human Resources. Each Committee oversees the management of Company risks that fall within its unique areas of responsibility and has a written charter that defines the specific responsibilities of that Committee.

Corporate governance guidelines

The Board has adopted a set of guidelines to provide a framework for Verizon's governance and ensure an environment of effective oversight and accountability. The Board will periodically review these guidelines and other aspects of Verizon's governance in light of regulatory requirements, ongoing developments and feedback from shareholders.


Verizon's Bylaws govern the internal management of the Company.

Certificate of incorporation

Verizon Communications Inc. is incorporated in the state of Delaware.