Careers at Verizon


Alejandra expected another boring field trip but Verizon made it worth her while. Watch her perception of her future change right before your eyes.

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams was just 19 when she started as a customer service rep. Now she manages a team of 1,000.


Our enterprise sales teams create partnerships with organizations to solve their challenges with Verizon technology


We’re looking for more than a few good reps for our customer service positions, and they can be hard to find. Do you have the special skillset we need?


An employee shares his story: "Verizon is not necessarily looking for veterans in the tech industry; they want people who are able to make amazing connections with our customers."


Michael Williams was recruited by Verizon “out of nowhere.” Now, he loves his job and the support Verizon gives to vets like him.

Thomas Boudrow

Take an inside look at the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities in Lowell, Mass.


Verizon recruiters tell us about three cutting-edge careers in one of the most urgent and relevant fields in tech: cyber security.


Chief Talent and Diversity Officer Magda Yrizarry opens up about her journey to finding her path in career, life and leadership.


Just what is Security Services at Verizon, and why is joining our team great for your career? Verizon has the answers.