Thinking outside the box

Changes in technology and consumer demand are leading us to move beyond the box.

A compromise that nnables networks of the future

A proposed solution to the decade-old debate about business broadband.


Ms. Roslyn Layton, an expert in the economics of broadband, presents an illustrative map in her post showing the large gaps in next-generation broadband coverage across Europe


How can America spur more investment in broadband infrastructure? A new report attempts to answer that question.


Unfortunately, there’s been a long-standing campaign by a few academics & advocates to talk down America’s broadband market, while holding up France


Yesterday, Verizon Wireless filed comments [PDF] with the FCC ahead of its 17th annual mobile competition report. This post is excerpted from our executive summary.


Two of our experts recently had an email conversation about Facebook Home, the mobile ecosystem, and the shifting profile of competition in the mobile sector.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released its 16th annual “Report and Analysis of Competitive Market Conditions with Respect to Mobile Wireless”. Verizon recently published a blog post cataloging the high levels of competition


Last Friday, the FCC released its 16th report on competition in the wireless industry. As with the 14th and 15th reports, the Commission declined to


This post was guest-written by Mustafa Naseem, an intern here in Verizon’s DC office and a student at the University of Colorado. Mustafa is pursuing