Customer Service Careers

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams was just 19 when she started as a customer service rep. Now she manages a team of 1,000.


We’re looking for more than a few good reps for our customer service positions, and they can be hard to find. Do you have the special skillset we need?


Enterprise sales representatives share what they love most about their jobs at Verizon.

Verizon office spaces

Verizon offers a variety of work environments, whose functions cover research and development, customer support, human resources and more.

Top 5 perks of working at the Franklin call center

Verizon call center representatives highlight workplace amenities and how they make a difference in their careers and lives.

Verizon's Bilingual Ambassadors

Our bilingual sales and service reps connect with customers using a variety of languages.

A New Option Arrives With Verizon Spanish Chat

Verizon introduces a new online customer support service for Spanish preferred customers

9 Surprising Careers at Verizon

Speech scientist. Machine learning data scientist. Consumer intelligence analyst.

Choosing a Career as a Technical Support Specialist

Two technical support specialists from Verizon share what it’s like to work in this role and why it was the right career choice for them.

Secrets From a Customer Service Recruiter | Verizon Careers

Our talent acquisition team is always on the lookout for fresh recruits. And we’ve uncovered some recruiting secrets that’ll help you stand out when pursuing a successful customer service career with us. Learn what makes a great candidate and how you can impress us with your multitasking skills.