Internet Security

Medical professionals at table

Knowing security threats and what steps to take to proactively prevent security incidents is vital if personal healthcare information is to be kept safe.

Doctor wearing protective eyeware

Verizon Enterprise Solutions shares the three trends that will drive IT transformation in healthcare in 2018.

Robotic arm

Verizon gives its view on enterprise technology trends most likely to impact global business and Government customers in 2018.

Man in front of computer screens

Verizon assesses its 2017 enterprise technology trend predictions – did we get it right?

FamilyBase App

The FamilyBase app lets parents establish time and data controls, block access to inappropriate apps and websites, and view their child's text and call history.

Verizon 2017 Payment Security Report

The Verizon 2017 PSR demonstrates a link between organizations being compliant with the standard, and their ability to defend themselves against cyberattacks.


Verizon Enterprise Solutions extends networking-as-a-service to the Amazon Web Services cloud.


Verizon Enterprise Solutions gives enterprise customers the tools to stop cyberattacks before they happen.


With new security alert detection and intelligence tools, businesses can locate threats before they become attacks.


The GSMA has partnered with Verizon for the remote provisioning and management of the embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card.