People Who Inspire Us

Two women looking at phone at kitchen table

A global network of travelers and hospitable home cooks

Arlene Valle

Arleny Valle was the first person in her family to graduate college and she’s now thriving in Verizon’s Leadership Development Program.

Skagway park

Meet Dan Elias, a Verizon employee who made it his personal odyssey to visit all 411 U.S. national parks, monuments, memorials and sites.

People by train tracks

This network of environmental researchers and social scientists is working to benefit the world now and well into the future.

Watch video Science, sound and the future at Denali National Park and Preserve

A network of environmental researchers and social scientists study the role of sound in the 6M acre Denali National Park.

Rocio Llanos

Rocio Llanos is living the American Dream and influencing the gender gap in sales.

Child with mom

How a tragic loss of life brings about change that may help save the lives of others.

Caitlin Kruse and her daughter

June's guest influencer post features a popular mommy-blogger, Caitlin Kruse. Caitlin shares her pledge to reconnect with her 2 year-old daughter Piper this summer.

Group of people in a meeting

Four passionate founders share how they turned their ideas into businesses at a recent “Dolphin Tank” event.

Tre da Kid

How an aspiring rap artist went from struggle to opportunity turning one of the most difficult and challenging experiences into an outcome that is changing his life.