People Who Inspire Us

Child with mom

How a tragic loss of life brings about change that may help save the lives of others.

Caitlin Kruse and her daughter

June's guest influencer post features a popular mommy-blogger, Caitlin Kruse. Caitlin shares her pledge to reconnect with her 2 year-old daughter Piper this summer.

Group of people in a meeting

Four passionate founders share how they turned their ideas into businesses at a recent “Dolphin Tank” event.

Tre da Kid

How an aspiring rap artist went from struggle to opportunity turning one of the most difficult and challenging experiences into an outcome that is changing his life.


Emir is a proud father, an immigrant, and part of a world class team working to build the best network possible for you.


Mary Heffernan of Five Mary’s Farms shares her perspective on parenting across two very different lifestyles.

Watch Video about Five Marys

One hard-working mother shares how a big life change comes with many unexpected benefits.

Loreto and Matthew

How Zero Day Camp injects curricula leading kids to a lifetime of understanding the digital world.


Verizon Foundation Pres. Rose Kirk points a way forward for future of education.

Susan Lyne

As part of our celebration of Women’s History Month, Susan Lyne, president and managing partner of BBG Ventures, tells her story.