10.07.2016Personal Tech

3 Travelers Make Connections in 3 Corners of the U.S.

By: Karen Smith

Three travelers recently tested the coverage of the 4G LTE network of Verizon and its rural network partners in the far reaches of the country. Here’s a sneak peek of what they uncovered. Can your Network do this?

Clint Johnston, Triphackr

Destination:  Rural Alaska

Rural Network Partner: Copper Valley Telecom

I enjoyed and would recommend …a glacier hike and a flightseeing tour in McCarthy– the combination of viewing of the glacier from the air and on the ground is so scenic and really gives a great perspective of its size.

I was glad to be connected so I could …FaceTime my wife and friends back home from the middle of a glacier in McCarthy.

One piece of advice for travelers ...take your time and enjoy the state by land, sea, and air.

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Stephen Valido, Naked Planet

Destination: Idaho

Rural Network Partner: Custer Wireless

I enjoyed and would recommend ...kayaking down the breathtakingly beautiful Salmon River.

I was glad to be connected so I could …find the mountain in Mount Borah during pre-dawn hours! I even had coverage on the mountain at 10,000 feet!

One piece of advice for travelers ...pack and prepare for all types of weather and make sure you take in the night sky – I saw (and captured) some amazing views of the Milky Way at night.

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Samantha Weiss Hills, Food52

Destination: Down East Maine
Rural Network Partner: Wireless Partners

I enjoyed and would recommend …blueberry picking in Roque Bluffs and hiking along Destiny Road in Cutler.

I was glad to be connected so I could …post photos right in the moment in remote places, like Roque Bluffs and Lubec, right on the Canadian border and the easternmost town in the contiguous U.S.

One piece of advice for travelers…talk to the locals! They'll give you the scoop on the best hikes and seafood.

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