4K Video Editor’s Quantum Leap

When His Creative Projects Require a Little Extra Inspiration He Can't Afford to Freeze

Chris Besecker is a hardworking cinematographer, producer and editor living in the heart of Brooklyn.  He is constantly downloading and uploading massive high-resolution video files to fuel his creative process.  Most recently, he edited the stunning documentary film VISITORS, by Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass and Jon Kane, presented by Steven Soderbergh.  Shot entirely in 4K ultra high-definition video, the project demanded a home Internet connection that wouldn’t slow down his artistic inspiration.  To work from home, Chris’ powerful answer is Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet.

Chris recently married Aneta Brodski, a sign language teacher at the Sign Language Center.  When both are at home, they demand a lot from their broadband connection -- with Chris uploading and downloading huge 4k TV video files, while Aneta has video chats to sign with her students, family and friends.

FiOS Quantum Internet is the powerful answer that has banished “freezes” from Aneta’s sign language video chats and given Chris the freedom to work from home – allowing him to spend more time with his newly wedded wife.