10.22.2015Public Policy

Another step toward 5G

Rich Young
T. 202.515.2514

If you’ve been following the news lately in the mobile communications space, then you can’t help but sense that we’re on the cusp of another wave of real disruptive innovation for consumers and our industry, what with all the activity around the Internet of Things, new uses for unlicensed spectrum, and new mobile broadband services for video.

Key contributors to encouraging the evolution of the broadband marketplace are public policies that allow innovators to look ahead and envision a world with ubiquitous broadband connectivity and the potential applications for the technology. Today the FCC took another step toward actualizing such policies with its adoption of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will look at making spectrum frequencies above 24 GHz available for next-generation (5G) mobile broadband. U.S. leadership in deploying 4G wireless technologies jumpstarted remarkable cycles of innovation in mobile broadband, and the FCC action today is extremely important to maintaining that leadership.

Verizon looks forward to working with the FCC on this proceeding and any subsequent proceedings to address availability of spectrum 5G.