04.07.2015Personal Tech

First in the Pay-TV Galaxy to Offer Complete Star Wars Collection to Own

By: Jerry Rizzo

Today, in the galaxy that we live in,

It is a period of intergalactic awesomeness.

Super signals, striking from a hidden base, are
delivering all six Star Wars episodes to Verizon FiOS customers.


For the first time ever, all six episodes in the Star Wars saga, from A New Hope to Revenge of the Sith, will be available for purchase on Verizon FiOS On Demand beginning April 10. 

FiOS customers will be able to purchase the complete Star Wars digital movie collection (episodes I-VI) or purchase the episodes individually. Choose wisely, padawan.

“AAARARRRGWWWH.” – Chewbacca, Return of the Jedi


Something for the Jedi Knights

Inside the digital movie collection are a host of never-before-seen special features including Star Wars: Discoveries from Inside and in-depth dialogues among key contributors from across this celebrated film franchise, plus a curated collection of classic Star Wars extras from each film.



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Jerry Rizzo is Digital Communications Manager for Verizon and all-around digital media enthusiast. Tracking trends in technology, design, and social media, Jerry is always on the hunt to tell the next great story.