How Do You Define a Disability?

Take an Inside Look at the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities Located in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Tom Boudrow is the Outreach Manager at the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities.  His definition of a disability is “when the person and the environment don’t match.” 

 Every day, Tom and the staff in Lowell, Massachusetts work to make our customers and our services match in their home environment.  By providing unique customer service and support for the disabled -- such as our direct video phone line for the deaf and hard of hearing -- Verizon is making life easier for everyone we serve. 

 In this video, you can see the some of the many services Verizon is providing to disabled communities, such as phone service, TTY’s, videophones, and customer letters in large print or braille.



To reach the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities, please call:


1-800-974-6006 (Voice or TTY)

1-508-251-5301 (Video phone)