Network engineer steps into the spotlight in latest Verizon commercial debuting Samsung S8

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Alex Lawson
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Network employee one of many “superheroes” to be featured behind the scenes

A Verizon network engineer is getting the recognition she and her colleagues richly deserve. System Performance Engineer Ammara Bhaimeah was selected to be in the latest Verizon commercial featuring the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and our Unlimited data plans. This latest ad will air nationwide beginning April 21.

Ammara has worked at Verizon for seven years. She earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering from UCLA. She participated in the company’s leadership development program, which gave her exposure to the many cool jobs our Network team handles.

“Being a part of the shoot was a great experience. But I really love being a member of the Network team. We’re very passionate about the work that we do for our customers,” she said.

Ammara tests the network and finds new solutions to meet ever increasing customer demand. Her role is critical in operating the largest, fastest, most reliable and most advanced 4G LTE network in the nation. She’s one of thousands of Verizon network employees who work behind-the-scenes to build, maintain and optimize the best network.

“It’s the real-life people of our Network team working 24 x 7 that makes our network great for our customers. They have great passion and pride to make sure our network is the most aggressive, largest, fastest and advanced,” said Brian Mecum, Verizon Network Vice President.

Ammara is the first employee to be featured as a Verizon “Network Superhero,” a series profiling members of the Network team who work 24/7 to keep our customers connected.