Bell Atlantic and NYNEX Earmark $50 Million Toward "Safe Haven" Goal of Presidents' Summit

Bell Atlantic and NYNEX Earmark $50 Million Toward "Safe Haven" Goal of Presidents' Summit

Target After-School Programs

April 23, 1997

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ALEXANDRIA, VA. - At a meeting this morning with Gen. Colin Powell
(Ret.), general chairman of the Presidents' Summit for America's
Future, Bell Atlantic and NYNEX committed to redeploy a total of more
than $50 million through the year 2000 for multi-faceted programs
aimed at keeping children safe after school. The community-based
programs will include projects and resources to give children safe,
stimulating and nurturing environments during after-school hours when
they are most vulnerable.

"I'm delighted that Bell Atlantic and NYNEX have each stepped up to
the plate to make this commitment on behalf of young people," said
Gen. Powell. "This is exactly the kind of corporate leadership that
will enable all of us to work together to make a real difference for
our children."

Providing a safe haven for young people after school is one of the
fundamental elements of childhood development that the Presidents'
Summit has targeted in a massive drive to secure commitments of
volunteer time, money and other resources in support of America's

"This program grows out of an idea we have been studying for the past
18 months. We want to make sure that good things happen to our
children when they aren't in school and when they're not at home,"
said Raymond W. Smith, chairman and CEO of Bell Atlantic. "This is
one of the most pressing community and social needs identified by our
customers, social services professionals and child development

"We see it as a reinforcement of the companies' ongoing dedication to
employee volunteerism, education and to helping people with the power
of technology," said Ivan Seidenberg, chairman and CEO of NYNEX.

"We'll make sure that both our corporate giving and the new
telecommunications technologies we offer help volunteers and
communities find new ways to solve local problems," Seidenberg said.
"With this program, we'll honor the adage, 'doing well by doing good.'"

Both chairmen agreed that the program has the potential to change
millions of young lives in the northeast where the companies are
principal providers of communications services.

The program elements have been designed and the resources identified
from the companies' existing contributions budgets and the endowments
of their charitable foundations. Specific details of the program will
be announced in the coming months.

Bell Atlantic and NYNEX currently invest a total of more than $40
million a year in philanthropic programs in the regions they serve.
The programs supported range from technology centers and performing
arts training, to after-school activities that involve skills
development, leadership training, and personal growth and enrichment.
Many programs address the needs of young people for a safe haven
during periods when there are no adults at home.

Employees from both companies also contribute tens of thousands of
hours each year in volunteer activities. Some employees serve as
mentors in self-esteem, leadership and achievement while others tackle
the development and improvement of facilities that house youth
programs. Youth activities remain a key focus of the companies and
their employees.


To News Editors: A separate news release
issued todayby Bell
Atlantic and NYNEX describes the companies' $1.6 million dollars in
communications support for the summit in Philadelphia.

For more information about the companies' involvement in the summit,
please visit the summit web site www.americaspromise.org.