Bell Atlantic and NYNEX Win Eight New Wireless Licenses To Serve Major Eastern Markets

Bell Atlantic and NYNEX Win Eight New Wireless Licenses To Serve Major Eastern Markets

Winning Bids in FCC WCS Auction Total $1.6 Million

May 13, 1997

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PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK -- Bell Atlantic and NYNEX successfully bid
$1.6 million for new Wireless Communications Service [WCS] licenses to
serve major eastern U.S. markets, including New York City, Boston,
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Va., Buffalo, NY, and Washington,
DC. The companies also won the license for the Cincinnati market,
which covers West Virginia.

The set of licenses for eight Major Economic Areas [MEAs] cover
virtually the entire geographic territory of the combined Bell
Atlantic/NYNEX landline telephone operations from Maine to Virginia.
All of the licenses are for 10 MHz [megahertz] of WCS spectrum in the
2.3 GHz [gigahertz] range, and covering a total population [POPs] of
67.3 million. The winning bid per market was $200,000, for an average
price of .024 cents per POP for each of the licenses.

Nationwide, the FCC allocated two 10 MHz WCS licenses in each of 52
MEAs, and two 5 MHz licenses in each of 12 Regional Economic Area
Groupings, or REAGs. Bell Atlantic and NYNEX bid -- under the name
PCSCo -- only for the MEA licenses covering the companies' combined
local exchange footprint.

The new WCS spectrum is in the 2.3 GHz radio band, above the 1.9 GHz
band allocated for Personal Communications Services and the 850 MHz
band used for cellular services.

"Wireless communications continues to be one of the greatest growth
opportunities worldwide," noted Denny Strigl, president and CEO of Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, and designated president - Global Wireless
Group, in the merged company. "These licenses enable us to capitalize
on more than a decade's worth of wireless experience in domestic and
international markets by creating new products and services for both
business and consumer markets. When you consider the amount of
innovation we've seen from the wireless industry already, the
possibilities are truly exciting."

According to the companies, some of the potential uses for the new
spectrum include data communications, Internet access, and low
mobility wireless services; for customers who need "walkaround"
wireless access in a limited geographic area, such as a local
neighborhood or business campus.

[NOTE: A complete map of the Bell Atlantic/NYNEX WCS coverage area,
and a WCS spectrum allocation graphic depicting the radio bands
allocated to WCS, PCS and cellular systems, is available at:

Bell Atlantic and NYNEX have already submitted a 20 percent down
payment on the licenses with the FCC, and after a brief public notice
period, the companies expect to receive the licenses in June or July,
pending final regulatory approval.

This is the second time Bell Atlantic and NYNEX have teamed together
to win radio spectrum in FCC auctions. In October 1994, the companies
formed an alliance with AirTouch and US WEST to win licenses in 11
major markets in the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest and Hawaii.
PrimeCo Personal Communications -- a new PCS company based in
Westlake, Texas -- was formed by the alliance to build and operate the
networks, which began service in 16 cities late last year.

More details on PrimeCo Personal Communications are available at:
www.primeco.com. Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is the companies' largest
domestic U.S. wireless business, providing a full range of wireless
local, long distance, data and paging communications services in a
territory stretching from Maine to Georgia and in parts of the
Southwest. BANM's markets total 56 million POPS and the company
serves about 4.6 million customers. More details on BANM's operations
can be found at: www.banm.com.

After the merger, Bell Atlantic Global Wireless will also have
extensive international wireless holdings, with investments in high
growth international markets like Italy, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico and
the Czech Republic.


Bell Atlantic Corp. (NYSE: BEL) is
at the forefront of the new
communications, entertainment and information industry. In the
mid-Atlantic region, the company's telephone company subsidiaries are
the premier providers of local telecommunications and advanced
services. Globally, it is one of the largest investors in the
high-growth wireless communication marketplace. Bell Atlantic also
owns a substantial interest in Telecom Corporation of New Zealand and
is actively developing high-growth national and international business
opportunities in all phases of the industry.

NYNEX (NYSE: NYN) is a global communications and media corporation
that provides a full range of services in the northeastern United
States and in high-growth markets around the world, including the
United Kingdom, Thailand, Gibraltar, Greece, Indonesia, the
Philippines, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The corporation
is a leader in telecommunications, wireless communications, directory
publishing and video and entertainment services. NYNEX is also
managing sponsor of FLAG - Fiberoptic Link Around the Globe - the
world's longest undersea fiber optic communications cable.

NYNEX releases are available on the Internet at http://www.nynex.com
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