Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Makes Major Strides in War on Cellular Phone Fraud; Cloning Fraud Down 80 Percent

August 30, 1995

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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Makes Major Strides in War on Cellular Phone
Fraud; Cloning Fraud Down 80 Percent

ORANGEBURG, NY -- In an industry that
continues to record losses of more than $1.5
million a day,
cellular phone bandits in the New York/New Jersey Metro area are finding
their efforts thwarted by several new anti-fraud initiatives introduced

this year. Those initiatives have been so successful that fraud
in the
region has been reduced by more than 80 percent, Bell Atlantic NYNEX

Mobile announced today.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has a message
for cellular phone bandits in
the New

York/New Jersey Metro area: "If you try to steal cellular phone
service, we'll use all our resources to stop you; if you succeed, we'll
work with law enforcement to catch you; and if we catch you, we'll
prosecute to the full extent of the law," said Rick Conrad, president of
the company's New York/New Jersey Metro Region.

"The introduction of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) has reduced
fraud for local customers and the designation of the area as a 'fraud
protection zone' has slashed the incidence of fraud experienced by
customers from other regions
who travel ('roam') in the New York City
area," he said. "These two
measures have proven to be extremely effective
deterrents to 'cloning'

Cloning fraud occurs when a cellular thief uses scanning equipment to
intercept a legitimate customer's unique cellular identification number.

"Our customers are our most powerful weapon against cellular phone
fraud," Conrad said. "Our efforts to educate customers to protect
themselves against cellular phone thieves are paying off and we're pleased
to see more and more customers taking prudent precautions when using their
cellular phones. We strongly encourage all customers to sign up for PIN
code service today."

Using the PIN system, customers can gain more secure access
to the Bell
Atlantic NYNEX cellular system, Conrad said. A customer simply dials a
phone number, presses SEND, enters a four digit PIN and presses SEND again
to complete a call. PIN protection is offered to customers at no
additional charge and the feature does not affect calls to 9-1-1.

Complementing the PIN
system and fraud protection zones is the company's
fraud protection software that detects fraudulent calls as they happen.

Conrad said his company works hand in hand with local, state and federal
law enforcement officials to apprehend cellular bandits and to provide the
detailed information that can make fraud charges stick. Moreover, Bell Atlantic
NYNEX Mobile and other cellular carriers recently worked with legislators to stiffen penalties and make cellular fraud a federal offense.

Conrad encouraged all Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile
customers to activate
PIN service by calling the company'

s fraud hotline at 1-800-372-8379 and
offered the following tips to safeguarding their cellular phone service:

-- Lock the phone or remove the telephone handset when you leave your
vehicle unattended.

-- Protect your electronic serial and

mobile phone numbers just as you
would your credit card numbers.

  • -- Use your hands-free speakerphone whenever possible. In addition to
    providing an important measure of safety, it also makes your cellular
    phone less obvious to criminals.
  • -- Allow only reputable cellular service technicians to install or
    your phone.
  • -- Immediately report a stolen phone to your
    cellular phone carrier and
    the police.

With more than three
million customers, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is

the largest wireless service provider on the East Coast and the second
largest provider in the U.S. Headquartered in Bedminster, N.J., the
company offers a full range of wireless voice, data and paging
communications solutions in the Northeast,

mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and,
through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. Formed in July 1995
through the combination of Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's
cellular operations, the company has more than 5,000 employees. The

NY/NJ Metro region is based in Orangeburg, N.Y., and employs
more than
600 area residents.

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