Bell Atlantic Responds to MCI Allegations

Bell Atlantic Responds to MCI Allegations

October 24, 1997

Media contacts:

Susan Butta


The following statement is issued in response to

MCI's letter to the FCC stating that Bell Atlantic

is thwarting competition in the local market. This

statement may be attributed to Thomas J. Tauke,

senior vice president government relations, Bell

Atlantic Corporation and Edward D. Young, III,

senior vice president and associate general

counsel for Bell Atlantic Corporation:

Why would MCI target Bell Atlantic in an attack

like this? After all, Bell Atlantic is the company

with the most competition already occurring in its

territory. Bell Atlantic is the single company that

has specific signed commitments with the FCC

guaranteeing an open local telecommunications

market. And Bell Atlantic is the company that is

ready to meet the Telecom Act checklist and

qualify to enter long-distance.

MCI, having just announced another poor showing

in quarterly earnings, is clearly terrified of

the thought of a real competitor in the long-distance

market, and is putting on the full court press to

keep Bell Atlantic out.