Maryland Students Get Interactive Dance Lessons Over Bell Atlantic's Distance Learning Network

Maryland Students Get Interactive Dance Lessons Over Bell Atlantic's
Distance Learning Network

November 26, 1996

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OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- About 200 Maryland middle and high
students from across the state will take an interactive dance lesson
today over Bell Atlantic's distance learning network.

ODC/San Francisco, a renowned modern dance company now performing
Velveteen Rabbit" at the Kennedy Center, will conduct the
dance workshop by creating a virtual rehearsal studio that includes
not only a direct exchange between the artists and students, but also
among the students themselves. Students will see portions of a work
in progress and be able to give feedback on the dance, the story and
the music. This feedback will be used to shape a creative work that
will premiere in Michigan next summer.

"Bell Atlantic's distance
network offers the highest quality
in audio and video technology and extends the reach of education
beyond the traditional classroom," said HREF="http://www.ba.com/speeches/profiles/whelan.html">Daniel J.
Whelan, president
and CEO of Bell Atlantic - Maryland. "With distance learning,
can discuss ideas and converse interactively, just as if they were
meeting face to face. Guest speakers can inspire and instruct entire
school districts instead of just individual classes, and students can
visit places and people they might never have had the chance to see or

The dance workshop will be held at the Gordon Center for the
Performing Arts in Owings Mills from 12:30 - 2 p.m. Using a fiber
link, the workshop will be telecast to various schools, where students
will be able to see, hear and speak with each other. Up to 120
students also will participate at the Gordon Center.

Dancers at the Gordon Center will be linked interactively over the
distance learning network with: Frederick Douglass High in Baltimore
City, Southeastern Technical High in Baltimore County and Calvert High
in Calvert County.

At the event, the cast will stage portions of a work in progress and
pause to explain the program to youngsters and ask for feedback. This
energetic introduction to the company and the art form will convey the
joy of movement and invention, and stimulate discussion on the work
being developed. In the months ahead, ODC will use Internet chat
lines allowing students to continue to be part of the process until
the final work is showcased.

"Educational institutions of all sizes are using interactive
learning to share information more effectively than ever," Whelan
said. "Providing a fully interactive, real-time 'point to
multi-point' audio/video link, distance learning promotes a natural
exchange of information. Since this is real-time give and take,
everyone involved feels like they're in the same room no matter where
they are."

Bell Atlantic is a major sponsor of ODC's performance at the Kennedy
Center, which runs through December 1. To generate interest in the
performing arts, ODC has used interactive media wherever possible to
reach school-aged children. Bell Atlantic's distance learning network
has been a perfect vehicle for bringing this program to students who
normally would not have an opportunity to view such a production.

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